Half Marathon Training Plan

Personal Record Setting Half Marathon Training Plan:

  • 10 week training plan
  • 4 days per week of runs: mileage + what type of run
  • 3 days per week of strength training
  • Resources to determine your speed for each run

This is as detailed of a training plan as I can put together without making it personalized to you.

Each type of run you will perform is explained in detail and there are several resources for determining your pace for each type of run.

All of the strength workouts include reps & sets. You simply need to determine the best weight for you to use. You want to have a 3-mile base in order to implement this training plan. With that base, beginners to seasoned runners will benefit from this plan. This is exactly what I did to get ready for my third half marathon, where I set a 10-minute personal record.


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