Online Personal Training

If you have any questions regarding online training, or are ready to get started, email me at [email protected]!  Once we figure out which package will work best for you and your goals, we can get started! You may need this if you have very specific goals beyond fat loss.

What’s Included With Online Training (per month)...

  • Weekly workouts, including which weight to use, as well as reps and sets.
  • Videos so you know exactly what I mean by each exercised and how it is performed.
  • Initial Skype/Facetime consult to go over questionnaire, goals, questions, and plan of action.
  • Bi-monthly Skype/Facetime call to ensure adherence and clarify any questions you may have.
  • Weekly check-ins to discuss barriers and victories so we can tweak your plan accordingly.

What clients are saying...

"Thank you, Kristen, for your constant encouragement and example! I gained 55 lbs with my pregnancy and was able to get to a place I feel really comfortable. This photo is from today and the photo on the right is about 3 months postpartum."


"I began working with Kristen in February 2016. My before picture was sometime earlier that month. (My littles were 2 and 4.) My after picture was taken last weekend trying on sub ball dresses. I've lost 20-25 lbs and have gained so much muscle. My core is stronger than it's ever been. I haven't pulled my back close to a year now. I've had my slip ups and eaten my way through holidays and some weekends. I've learned to nourish my body with food and not punish it. I brush myself off and begin all over again when I have my bad days because I'm worth it and I owe it to myself and my kids to be around for as long as I can."




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