Bathing Suit Challenge

Join us for our annual Bathing Suit Challenge! This challenge is our most popular challenge of the year FOR A REASON! At the end of the challenge there will be TWO prize winners! Here’s what you will receive when you join us for our 6 week Bathing Suit Challenge: 

  • 6 weeks of efficient, fat-burning workouts (that can be done AT HOME)
  • Access to our exclusive member’s portal which includes tips on fat loss, nutrition, and recipes
  • Access to our online support community to help you stay on track
  • Videos so you don’t have to decode exercise names
  • The chance to win a prize pack valued at over $160


How can you win the Bathing Suit Challenge? The person who loses the HIGHEST PERCENTAGE of inches over the six weeks will receive our prize pack. The second winner is the person with the most points (inches lost gets added to your points at the end). Here’s what you win:

  • Free FWK membership for 1 month
  • $20 Target or Whole Foods gift card
  • Coaching call to individualize how to reach your goals


How have participants fared in the past? Check out these results!

Past Participants:
•Average weight loss was between 5-10 lbs.
•Up to 20 overall inches lost, with the average participant losing between 5-8 inches overall.
CONFIDENCE! Participants gained the confidence to navigate fitness and nutrition with more knowledge!


What are you waiting for? Join us for this six week challenge to set yourself up for a CONFIDENT summer!


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