I fell in love with fitness as a kid. I loved playing sports growing up, and I was always in competition with my brother and my neighbors. A competitive edge has always been a part of my life. During my senior year of high school, I became more interested in working out for fitness, not just sports. I learned a little bit about lifting weights, and the benefits of weight lifting for your metabolism. As college progressed and those around me were gaining the standard freshmen 15, I maintained my weight for the first two years. I would often have people asking me questions about fitness and nutrition, which for me, felt like common knowledge. I learned then that there is so much information out there about what is healthy and what is not, that it gets SO CONFUSING! I had friends turning to me, asking me what they should eat or how they should workout – and I LOVED helping them.

As I grew older, I moved around a bit and exercise was always my stabilizer, but I needed a way to make nutrition a lifestyle. Even though I knew how to eat well, I would find myself falling prey to the “quick-fix” gimmicks. I (like many) attached emotion to eating, and that made eating for what my body needed more difficult. I was over-thinking it! When I met my husband and realized “this is the guy”, I knew I would need to find work that was portable, since my husband is in the Navy. I had spent the first three years after college putting off getting my personal training certification. This was the nudge I needed to finally get certified and follow my passion.

Once my husband and I began talking about having kids, I knew I wanted to make sure that I was healthy and fit BEFORE getting pregnant. I was confident that if I made nutrition a lifestyle before getting pregnant, maintaining my health, and teaching my child how to be healthy would not feel so overwhelming. I wanted to have the foundation to practice what I preached to our child. Once I changed my mentality about eating and exercising, everything felt simpler. I began to workout in order to have the flexibility and strength to play with my child, and keep him safe. I wanted to be able to lift his stroller in and out of the car without help, or carry him around for all of the hours that he needs his Mom to hold him (which it turns out is A LOT of hours). I began to think about food as nutrients. Instead of focusing on what I COULDN’T eat, I focused on the nutrients I was feeding myself, and my baby. I never feel deprived or sluggish! I feel balanced, energized, and healthy!

My mission is to help others learn how to make eating healthy and working out a LIFESTYLE! I am passionate about pushing my body’s limits, and finding safe ways to do that. I am even more passionate about helping others achieve a healthy body. I want you to find balance in eating, as well as working out. I believe that balance means learning to indulge once in a while, without feeling guilty; but also, learning to indulge once in a while without going overboard. It's a tricky, but worthwhile balance that I strive to help those I work with achieve. My community includes efficient, fat-burning workouts that you can do right at home. It also includes fat-loss friendly recipes for busy people, as well as accountability.

But What Have You Accomplished Kristen?

I have a hard time deciding whether I love running or lifting more. I love them both so much, it’s hard for me to choose! I love the feeling of lifting something heavier than my whole body – it makes me feel so tough! On the other hand, there’s nothing like running 10 miles in the rain before most of the town has even rolled out of bed! To date I am training for my first full marathon, have run 3 half-marathons, countless 10ks/5ks, leg-pressed 3x my body weight, as well as carried and given birth to my adorable baby boy!

I am certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, & women’s fitness specialist. Aside from my own personal accomplishments, I have helped people across the country drop weight, tone-up, and learn balance.



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