My Postpartum Journey Round 2

Now that I am 6+ months postpartum with baby number two, I want to give you a glimpse into my postpartum journey. I will admit up front that though the journey to feeling fit the second time around was different, I think the biggest difference was that I had more wisdom during and after pregnancy. This meant I did less damage to my body. My postpartum journey is one of feeling human again (comfortable in my skin, with some energy), with two kids, while maintaining my milk supply. I realize the last part of that sentence may be out of left field, but the first question women almost always ask me is how they can lose the baby weight without risking their milk supply. It is a fantastic & important question.

This post is a few tips I learned from my second postpartum journey. I tracked my whole pregnancy, so you can find a weekly blow-by-blow for each pregnancy on my blog. Here is my quick postpartum journey overview in numbers: I hit my pre-pregnancy weight around 4 months...

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