Looking Ahead to 2018

Let’s start by acknowledging that this post is closing in on four days late. Punctuality will obviously not be on this year’s list of goals. The past few years I have set some goals for the new year. 16 goals for ’16, 17 goals for ’17. This year, I didn’t want to stretch it out into 18 goals. Instead, I have signed up for two goal races, and put together a plan for those races. In fact, one of these races will be a new approach for me, which is always fun!

The first race I have signed up for is a 10K on February 25. I am confident that I have the mileage to run a 10K no problem. My goal for this race will be to PR it. My current PR for a 10k is 48:42, which I earned in December when I ran a double race (10k + 5k). I had not formally trained for the race, and ran a 5k afterward in 23:06, which is a 7:27 pace. This tells me that I had a lot more in the tank, and can push harder. I am 7 weeks away from this race, so realistically, I can only get so much...

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