Do You Even Rest Bro?

Uncategorized Jul 21, 2014

I’m not going to lie: I hate to rest. Despite understanding the benefits, I am not exactly wired to sit still. A lot of times, working out is how I get out a lot of excess energy so that I am not driving everyone around me completely insane. Yet, if I do not rest, I know that there is no way for my muscles and body to recover from the strain I put on it, effectively slowing down my muscle gain/fat loss process, as well as increasing my risk of injury.

I have discussed this with many of my active friends. It seems that once we are in a daily routine we do not want to take that rest for fear of loss of our progress. One day of rest feels like a backslide of all our hard work. Whenever I have this discussion with others, it is always the same:
“I have been sick but still want to work out” or “I have no time to get in a workout tomorrow” or “Every muscle in my body is sore.”
“It’s okay to take a rest day once in a while. In fact, it...

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Are You Living Like A Girl?

Uncategorized Jun 30, 2014

Battleropes Like A Girl

Is anyone else as excited about the like a girl campaign as I am? If you are too busy to watch the three minute video, let me break it down for you: the video begins by asking a few people to show the camera how to do a few things “like a girl” such as run, fight, and throw a ball. They then contrast this with showing how a young girl (10 or under) answers the same question. Somewhere between childhood and adolescence “like a girl” has become an insult. The idea behind the campaign, spearheaded by Always, is to change the meaning of “like a girl” from an insult, to an empowering phrase. They end the video by asking, “why can’t ‘run like a girl’ also mean ‘win the race’?” Though this is partially a marketing strategy, I love the message.

First Half Marathon, Finished First In Age Group

I will admit that I am very much a guilty party in using “like a...

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Getting Wedding Ready

Uncategorized Jun 04, 2014

When I first got engaged, I made a vow to myself and my now husband, that I would not be one of those girls who goes on a crazy wedding diet for the wedding. I would embrace my current lifestyle and body, because really he loved me enough to propose to me, he was not going to just leave me at the altar because I did not have the perfect body walking down the aisle. That was the plan, and my mentality.

When I ordered my dress I was between two sizes and ordered the larger of the two dresses. When that dress came in 7 months later and all of my measurements were the same, I was shocked to find that the dress was too snug and would not zip all the way. Looking back on pictures, I looked the same size and all of my measurements were the same, so what was the problem? More likely than not, the company manufactured it smaller than their sizing chart accidentally. Like any bride, I panicked and wanted to fit into my dress!

I was signed up for a half marathon in February, so the seamstress...

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Working For It

Uncategorized Jun 01, 2014

I first noticed Dana as the crazy girl who would come to the gym in long pants and a sweatshirt, put her treadmill on a high incline, and sprint. She would do these sprints sprinkled with jogging or walking, for what felt like an hour. She had been working with a trainer for a while when I met her, but had taken a break for a month or so due to health reasons. When she was ready to begin working out again, we began training. Her goal from the beginning was always to “get cut up”. She wanted to not only feel strong, but also look strong. She did not want to get bulky, which is a big fear for many women, though it is rare. Dana wanted to lean and tone, and that is exactly what we did.

Since Dana already had a fitness base, our goal was to push her past her comfort zone. This was harder than it is with most people because she gave 110% every single day. Dana walked into that gym at 5:00AM before she would head to work as a teacher, with a fierce attitude, ready for...

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Have You Ditched The Scale Yet?

Uncategorized May 21, 2014

I have touched upon this topic many times, but it is an important subject that I run into a lot. The topic to which I am referring is: fat lossversus weight loss, and at the heart of this issue is the scale.

Many of us monitor our success through the scale. Whether we are trying to get into shape for the summer, or want to finally fit back into those pants from freshman year of college, we think the only way to gauge that is through the scale, and that is simply not true. I have several pairs of pants from college that fit me now at over ten pounds heavier than I was then, because I have built a lot more muscle than what I had in college. Do I have the “perfect, ideal” body? Probably not to a lot of people based on physical appearance, but I do have a body that is capable of doing everyday tasks, so it is ideal for me. The scale does not tell me that though.

Weight loss is nice on the surface, because you see a number on the scale going down and that validates...

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Getting Back Into The Swing of Things

Uncategorized May 11, 2014

After being gone for ten days on our honeymoon, we are finally back, which means getting back to healthy habits. While on vacation, we stayed active, and I even hit the gym two or three times. I also made sure not to overindulge EVERY day. Though indulging once in a while is certainly human, gorging on buffet food all day and getting wasted every night is still going to be tough on a body that is not used to being treated so harshly.

To get back on track I have made sure to get back to basics. The first thing I did (which has become more necessary as the years roll on), is when possible, allow myself to sleep in the day after I return from travel. This is challenging depending on your work situation. If possible, try to take the day after you return off from work so that your body can recuperate from all of the travel. Even though I slept between eight and twelve hours every night of vacation, my body needed to recover from the different food, alcohol, and travel back. It seems...

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Boost Your Metabolism and Prepare

Uncategorized Apr 19, 2014

I love running. I do not run because it is the best exercise fat loss (I have a lot of loud opinions on cardio for fat loss). I do not run because it is the best thing for my heart and bones. I run because that is when I think best. I zone out and let my mind wander freely. Running is how I get all of my extra energy out.

Let’s be serious though, sometimes I have 6 miles worth of energy and 30 minutes to get rid of it! During those times, I love sprints intervals. I have the recovery for my running, mind wandering, and the hard sprints for getting out the extra energy. The best part about the sprint intervals is that the body spends the rest of the day recovering, and therefore burning extra calories. After a steady state long run, the body burns calories throughout the runs, but does not require the type of recovery sprint intervals requires.

Today I combine a shorter distance run (3-miles) with sprint intervals on the treadmill (hello 48-hours of rain). This...

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Confidence In Strength

Uncategorized Apr 15, 2014

I knew Beverly as friend long before we began training together. Before we started training, she attended the free boot camp class I held, and we did a few workouts together “just for fun.” I remember one of the first workouts we did together was a circuit that included lunges with lateral raises. It was at the beginning of the summer and part of the way through the first set she became dizzy. She sat down, drank some water, and regained her composure.

Beverly began as my client in October, with the goal of becoming stronger. We started slowly, doing low reps and really focusing on form. Her form improved quickly, especially with squats, allowing us to move up to higher reps and higher weights. Just this weekend Bev did 50 squats in a set, ten times the amount we did on our first session!

Bev’s personality is awesome, because she is either bouncing off the walls excited, or completely disconnected from her surroundings. Whether she has had a draining day, or...

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Snacks, Workouts, and Tips for Reaching Goals

Uncategorized Apr 07, 2014

It is a gross rainy day here, and my morning client had to cancel, so I spent the morning on a longer workout than usual, as well as some extra meal prep!  Today’s leg workout consisted of extra weight, extra exercises, and my favorite motivational shirt for leg day!  Check it out:

  • Reverse Hack Squat 70lb 10×4
  • Single leg press 45lb 10 each side x4
  • Close leg back squat 40lb 15×4
  • Stiff leg deadlift 90lbs 10×4

Superset 1 – 10×4

  • Laying Leg Curl 60lb
  • Leg extension 90lbs

Superset 2

  • Hip abductor 90lb 10×4
  • Hip adductor 120lb 12×4

Back extensions with 25lb plate – 10×4

Walking up the stairs afterward was quite a struggle and I loved every second of it.

I put together the butternut squash lasagna packed with TONS of vitamins, that I posted previously.  Also, one of my favorite snacks pictured above is a cut up cookies and cream Quest Bar (I’m obsessed) rolled into balls, broiled in a toaster oven...

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Uncategorized Apr 01, 2014

Are you ready to get into the swing of fitness??  After experimenting on friends and ironing out some details, it is time for me to announce my new program! If you follow me from a distance and have been interested in training with me, your chance has arrived!  I am now taking on clients for May for my online training program!  The program will include workouts to meet YOUR goals, suggested recipes and menus, as well as a grocery list!  Be sure to email me for pricing or any further inquiries!



Don’t hide under baggy clothes this summer – it’s time to be your most confident self!



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