Healthy Pregnancy – 27 Weeks

Uncategorized Jan 04, 2015

How far along? 27 Weeks

Baby Size: About the size of a rutabaga. He’s over two pounds at this point and at long as an English cucumber.

Weight gain: Probably about 13lbs. I haven’t weighed myself since last week,

Maternity clothes? I am really enjoying my yoga pants and all workout clothes.

Belly Button in or out? Out.

Best moment this week: Finding out the placenta has moved enough to no longer warrant a c-section!

Miss Anything? I miss knowing that if I eat well and exercise, I will definitely feel energetic. There are some days where getting out of bed seems impossible because I am just so tired from growing a human.

Movement: He’s been kicking for a while, but he is getting much stronger and moving more often. I love feeling his little dance moves before bed.

Food cravings: Nothing in particular this week. I am still eating more cheese than pre-pregnancy, but that is about it.

Gender: Boy!

Looking forward to:...

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Real Resolutions For 2015

Uncategorized Dec 29, 2014

Each December, as the new year looms ahead, many of us are frantically making resolutions, many of which we will forget about after a few weeks. This is often due to making unrealistic resolutions, or resolutions that are not important to us, but that we feel should be important to us. This year I have put together my resolutions, and explained why I think they are important and attainable. If any of your goals this year involve being healthier, physically and mentally, then read on and mold these goals to fit your lifestyle and values.

1.) Evaluate and reduce excuses – There are times when our body really is telling us to take a break. Overtraining is no joke, nor is working your body into exhaustion when you are sick. Some days you can feel a debilitating cold coming on, and you just have to rest. Other days, we just feel tired and do not feel like working out. These are the days it is important to evaluate your excuse (am I going to put myself at risk, or am I simply...

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Healthy Pregnancy – 26 Weeks

Uncategorized Dec 28, 2014

How far along? 26 Weeks

Baby Size: An eggplant. He was about 1lb 13oz on Monday, so he is probably over two pounds now!

Weight gain: 10.5lbs. Double digits!

Maternity clothes? The belly band is working out still, but probably only for a few more weeks. Most of my tops are maternity at this point.

Belly Button in or out? Out.

Best moment this week: Seeing our little guy at the ultrasound Monday. We were able to get a 3D close up of his adorable face.

Miss Anything? Sleep. I still sleep OK, but I miss deep sleep for several hours at a time.

Movement: A lot, and often. I usually feel him when I first wake up, and just before lunch and bed. Some days I can feel him burrowing down my abdomen.

Food cravings: Nothing this week, though there has been so much delicious food around that my palette has been happy.

Gender: Active baby boy!

Looking forward to: Our doctor’s appointment today to find out how everything is going, and to see if the...

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Healthy Pregnancy – 25 Weeks

Uncategorized Dec 21, 2014

How far along? 25 Weeks

Baby Size: A head of cauliflower. He could be as big as 2.5lbs!

Weight gain: 8.5lbs

Maternity clothes? I’m still holding strong with the belly band and yoga pants. I dabble in maternity clothes though.

Belly Button in or out? Out.

Best moment this week: Pat being able to hear his heartbeat without a Doppler or stethoscope!

Miss Anything? Energy. I enjoyed my 8 weeks of energy, but I am back to exhausted all the time.

Movement: A ton! Our guy is a mover and groover. I can even feel him sometimes when I a standing. He is getting so strong!

Food cravings: Curry is a big hit still, and I am gravitating toward shrimp more.

Gender: Boy

Looking forward to: This afternoon’s ultrasound!

I was told this week, from first hand experience, that not only do your legs get extremely tired from labor and delivery, but your arms also get quite the workout! Gripping the bed rails when you push and holding yourself up...

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Healthy Pregnancy – 24 Weeks

Uncategorized Dec 14, 2014

How far along? 24 Weeks

Baby Size: A cantaloupe. He’s probably about 1.5lbs!

Weight gain: 6.5lbs

Maternity clothes? When I am not in yoga pants, I typically wear my belly band. Maternity sweaters have hit usage. I also like wearing Pat’s old long sleeves.

Belly Button in or out? Out.

Best moment this week: Feeling our little guy flip from one side of my abdomen to the other!

Miss Anything? Not needing assistance with my socks or shoes at the end of the day. I do not feel very big, but there are some days when reaching my toes is out of the question.

Movement: He is getting more active every day! Pat is able to feel him more often, and I am now able to feel tumbles in addition to his jabs.

Food cravings: Curry!

Gender: Boy

Looking forward to: My ultrasound next week with my Mom in town.

I write a lot about preparing my own food. I am a big advocate of knowing what is going into your body and the best way to do that is to make...

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Healthy Pregnancy – 23 Weeks

Uncategorized Dec 07, 2014

How far along? 23 Weeks

Baby Size: A grapefruit (The Bump). Baby boy is a full pound! He is projected to double in size in the next four weeks.

Weight gain: 4.5lbs

Maternity clothes? I’m really into the belly band right now.

Belly Button in or out? Out.

Best moment this week: Hearing our little man’s heartbeat this morning (staying strong at 155 bpm), as well as hearing his kicks on the Doppler and feeling them jab into the Doppler.

Miss Anything? Not really.

Movement: Very active, especially right before bed. He is getting strong, as Pat is able to feel him more often now.

Food cravings: This week I was pretty into guacamole.

Gender: Boy

Looking forward to: Seeing our little guy again in two weeks when we go in for another ultrasound. I’m not thrilled about low lying placenta, but I do enjoy all the ultrasounds we get to have!

Has anyone else had some really wild dreams while pregnant? Mine are so terrifying and...

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Health Pregnancy – 22 Weeks

Uncategorized Nov 30, 2014

How far along? 22 Weeks

Baby Size: A papaya (10.5-11.8in and 12.7-20.8oz, The Bump)

Weight gain: 4lbs

Maternity clothes? I’m digging my belly band right now.

Belly Button in or out? Mostly out.

Best moment this week: Exposing baby boy to some delicious first Thanksgiving food, with a great group of people.

Miss Anything? Sleeping without a pillow castle.

Movement: He’s getting active. I feel him a lot when I first wake up, and right before bed, but he is always making some moves during the day now as well.

Food cravings: This week I have a hankering for curry.

Gender: Active baby boy!

Looking forward to: My doctor’s appointment next week. I always enjoy hearing his heartbeat and knowing that he is growing healthy.

Why Exercise During Pregnancy?

My number one reason for exercising during pregnancy is mood maintenance. If you have ever been pregnant, then you know how wild and out of nowhere those mood swings can be....

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December Sprint Challenge

Uncategorized Nov 25, 2014

This can be done outside or on a treadmill!


Beginner/Injuries: If you cannot run, but you are cleared for other exercise (i.e. bike, elliptical, swimming, etc) use the same format for your exercise of choice.

Advanced: Instead of brisk walk do a light jog and in lieu of leisurely walk do a brisk walk.

Why sprint?

Sprints are great for improving running time, burning fat, and revealing the coveted abs/muscles you have worked so hard to build. Sprinting is great for your core, and helps tighten up your whole body. It is also great for improving athletic performance. According to a study in The Journal of Physiology, exercise performance and muscle oxidative capacity both increase through sprinting intervals, while only committing about 10% of the amount of time as endurance activities.

Sprints For Everyone

Whether you are new to fitness or have been working out for years, sprints will help increase your vascular fitness. If you are a runner, adding...

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Healthy Pregnancy – 21 Weeks

Uncategorized Nov 23, 2014

How far along? 21 Weeks

Baby Size: A pomegranate

Weight gain: 3.5lbs

Maternity clothes? I ventured into belly band territory this weekend. I’ll try it from time to time, otherwise it’s yoga pants ALL DAY!

Belly Button in or out? In with a few appearances occasionally.

Best moment this week: Pat feeling his first big movement from the baby.

Miss Anything? Surprisingly, no.

Movement: He is pretty active at night before bed, and he gives me a few kicks and punches when I first wake up to coax me out of bed.

Food cravings: Pho…

Gender: BOY!

Looking forward to: Our baby growing big, strong, and healthy.

Staying Active & Healthy

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we are all gearing up to feast! Remember, though it is human to indulge from time to time, eating to the point of making yourself sick is not fun for anyone involved (especially when you have a baby on board). Try the broccoli salad recipe below to add...

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Healthy Pregnancy – 20 Weeks

Uncategorized Nov 16, 2014


How far along? 20 Weeks

Baby Size: A banana.

Weight gain: 3.5lbs

Maternity clothes? Though I could employ a belly band and wear regular jeans still, I hate wearing anything that does not feel like sweatpants. Maternity clothes and yoga pants all day.

Belly Button in or out? Depends on the day. Some days it is normal; other days it is so far out you can see it through any clothes.

Best moment this week: Seeing our baby kicking around on the ultrasound screen. The baby is looking healthy and growing well.

Miss Anything? I am so happy to be cleared for my normal activity that I cannot possibly miss anything this week.

Movement: I can feel more kicks and punches, and we saw a lot of movement on the ultrasound. Dad finally got to feel a kick this week too!

Food cravings: Was hoping for some Pho this week, and that need was deliciously satisfied. Once I have a bite or two of what I want I am usually all set, so I am not sure if that counts as...

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