Why “Hard” Shouldn’t Be A Deterrent

Uncategorized Dec 20, 2015

Since it is the holiday season, I have been traveling a lot lately. It’s just my little man and me doing the traveling while my husband is away. Just about every person I speak to has the same reaction: “Oh my gosh!! You’re driving how long by yourself with a baby?!?!” “You’re flying by yourself?! That’s sounds so HARD!” I guess, but something being difficult is not a reason for me to not go along with my plan. Since when did something being difficult become a reason to not try?

I find that the initial challenge of something is a huge barrier for many people in changing their lifestyle. They want to lose weight, but are not willing to workout differently than they have been. They want to feel better, but are not willing to change their eating habits. Is eating well difficult? In the beginning, yes. It is new. Anything new is difficult. Is working out difficult? Is trying a new way of working out scary? YES! It is OK to find the idea of change scary. It is OK to think it will be difficult, because in the beginning it will be. Just remember, difficult doesn’t mean not possible. It simply means there will be a challenge. Who isn’t up for a good challenge once in a while?

Homemade Lettuce Tacos

Once you form the habits though, it becomes second nature. At first you spend some time on Sunday meal planning before food shopping. You may spend time food prepping in order to have healthy options on hand when you find yourself famished, to prevent reaching for the M&Ms. You may spend some extra time looking at workout demos so that you know what exactly it is you should be doing and ensuring you have good form. Over time you will no longer need these things. You will understand how to eat healthy on-the-fly and you will remember how good your body feels when you fuel it, so you won’t be as tempted to gorge yourself on all of the chocolate in the house. You will learn balance, so that you know how to eat some of your favorite foods without going overboard or feeling guilty. You will learn what many exercise moves are, including their modifications AND advanced versions so that you can get your workouts in quickly without having to look up the exercises.

Yes, things may seem difficult from a distance. That’s OK! Once you begin making a few small changes, what once seemed difficult will become habit. You’ll look back one day and think, “why didn’t I start sooner?” At the end of the day it’s YOUR health and YOUR choice. We all have obstacles. We all struggle. In the end, barring illness or injury, it is your choice whether you work toward your goals despite it being difficult. Obstacles do not need to keep you from reaching your goals.

The following are a few things you can try this week, which may be hard, but are a worthwhile change for your health:

  • Add vegetables to each meal. Whether you are eating breakfast, a snack, or dinner, try adding an additional vegetable to EACH meal.
  • Use heavier weight. If you have been working out at all, try to increase your weight if you haven’t done so in the last two weeks.
  • When you make dinner tonight, make enough to have for your meal tomorrow (either lunch, or so you do not have to cook dinner tomorrow evening).
  • Drink more water! You should be drinking ½ your body weight in ounces of water each day!

Need more guidance? Join me January 4 for my second “BeyondFit” Bootcamp. If you are not local, join my Fitness With Kristen, online workout & support community


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