Healthy Pregnancy 2 – 36 Weeks

healthy pregnancy 2 May 25, 2017

How far along? 36 Weeks

Baby Size: A papaya

Weight gain: No scale this week either, but at least 32.5.

Maternity clothes? I was all about shorts and dresses the last few days, but since it is cooler here, I’ll be rocking some severe mom jeans that have a maternity waist, with my husband’s sweatshirts.

Belly Button in or out? Out

Best moment this week: Finally arriving to our new home and seeing where baby will be living.

Miss Anything? My legs have been really tired lately when I do weighted workouts or anything besides walking/running. I’m sure it is just the extra weight, but I am missing my legs not feeling so tired all the time.

Movement: He has been quite active this week, especially when I am driving.

Food cravings: All the fruit.

Gender: Boy #2!

Looking forward to: Getting started on setting up the baby’s half of the room with his big brother.


How Are We In The Last Month?

Somehow at 35 weeks pregnant, everything still seems so far away. One week later at 36 weeks it’s crazy that we are in the last month until the estimated due date. While I have no delusions that this baby will come early, if he arrived next week he would be considered term. That’s NUTS!

We have finally arrived to our new home, so I guess it’s time to actually start planning for him. We of course want to get his stuff set up with big brother. We also want to tour the hospital, find the location of the hospital (usually helpful), and put together a plan of action for when he is ready to make his appearance.

I guess it is also time to seriously start thinking about the birth itself and preparing for the pain that I know is to come, so this isn’t my first rodeo. First though, I will meet my doctor today. I hope I like her, because at this point there’s not much time to shop around!

In terms of fitness, my goal is just to maintain where I am, and reduce as needed. Now that we are at sea level, I am feeling pretty good with the exception of how tired my legs are. Hopefully a few good nights of sleep and some extra stretching will help.

Starting this weekend (once we get our belongings moved in and settled) I plan to start some serious meal prep for after baby arrives. I made a ton of food before our first born arrived, and it was a LIFE SAVER. We had friends bringing us food, but this was still so helpful for breakfast and lunch.

I also have to finish up a certification I have been working on, so I am hoping to get that done this week as well. Plus, of course, I have TONS of new stuff that I want to add for my Fitness With Kristen members. I have been working on a few things that I won’t be able to have available for them until after the baby is born, but the bulk of it is already finished. Plus, of course we have our Tank Top Arms Challenge starting for my members coming up this week. I know that will also keep me busy, and keep me motivated through the last month to stay healthy!

I guess I should pack my hospital bag at some point too…


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