Healthy Pregnancy 2 - 33 Weeks

healthy pregnancy 2 May 04, 2017

How far along? 33 Weeks

Baby Size: A pineapple!

Weight gain: 28lbs

Maternity clothes? I think my maternity clothes are getting too small. All of my shirts are too short on me now. Looking forward to warmer weather so I just wear my dresses.

Belly Button in or out? Out

Best moment this week: Pat getting to feel a ton of movement recently.

Miss Anything? Not feeling like a whale. Getting in and out of bed to pee 600x per night proves to be quite a task. As does getting up and down from the ground or off the couch. This big belly definitely limits my mobility!

Movement: He is super active now and gives me some good wallops while I’m driving.

Food cravings: Oranges and mangos. All day everyday.

Gender: Boy #2!

Looking forward to: Getting all settled in with our new doctor and seeing where baby will be born.

Eating For Two

Often times when it comes to eating less nutritious food, I will hear people say that pregnancy is the only time they can eat that. While I can see how people think that since pregnancy means weight gain, they think that eating junk food is good, I would argue that pregnancy is actually the WORST time to not focus on your nutrition.

Let me be clear: I’m not saying your food has to be full of nutrients 100% of the time that you are pregnant. That will make you crazy. I’m simply thinking that filling up on soda, fries, ice cream, and chocolate throughout an entire pregnancy does not offer a lot of vitamins and minerals to growing baby. This is a vital time for baby and we all want what is best for our baby. Body image aside, nutrients are super important for a growing fetus. This is when their brain begins to grow, and all of their limbs and organ begin to develop. Feeding that growth with vitamins seems like a vital move to me.

I am often shocked when people harmlessly offer out this advice. Being pregnant isn’t about body image. It isn’t about “letting yourself go” or eating whatever you want because you “get to be fat”. It’s about growing a human. It’s a really important job and getting vitamins and minerals is super important. Of course having some fries, or chocolate from time to time is no issue. Just like when you are not pregnant.

It is all a balancing act between your sanity and your health. I simply think the “excuse” of being pregnant is not the best reason to eat nutrient void food. In fact, I think it’s one of the most important times to be aware of your nutrition and focus on getting vitamin rich food where possible. Don’t let your pregnancy or your kids be your excuse for overeating junk food and being sedentary. Instead, let them be your motivation to take care of yourself and fill your body with vitamin rich food to help THEM grow and help YOU have the energy to take care of them!


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