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Uncategorized Jul 12, 2016

This month I wanted to feature a woman who has worked hard to change the conversation about fat loss. Kate Horney, better known as BeyondFit Mom, started up a boot camp in New Bern North Carolina, and I actually got to try it when it was in the early stages! Now she has grown and is helping educate women that fat loss is more than simply self-control and hours in the gym. Hormones and efficient workouts play a huge role in this! Kate has also competed in three bikini competitions and has done amazing in each of them, all while running a business, and being a dedicated wife and mother. Find her on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook as BeyondFit Mom. I had so much fun learning more about Kate, and have been inspired by her for years.

Did you play sports growing up? If so, which sports?

YES! I played soccer when I was really young, then moved to volleyball & track (I ran the 400 + 400 relay) in middle school and high school.   I played in a rec volleyball league in college but my time studying exercise physiology with classes + research projects etc was definitely the focus during that time.

I know you have a bachelor’s degree in Health and Exercise Science, so you knew even in college that fitness was your passion. When did you first realize you wanted to be a fitness professional? What influenced that decision?

Overall my general love/interest in fitness started when I was in high school. It grew from there and I knew by the time I was a senior in HS that I wanted to pursue a degree that allowed me to learn more about the human body and help as many women as possible.  

Your #dofitnessbetter movement is amazing. There is so much misinformation out there, and I come across clients over and over who genuinely don’t know you can get fit without spending 2+ hours working out. I have done it myself even though I have the background to know what really works. What was your “ah-ha” moment that even as a fitness professional, this applied to you as well?

YES! There is so much misinformation out there, as you said. My “ah-ha” moment was after became a mom. I started my “other baby” aka BeyondFit and the #dofitnessbetter movement when my first son was born and since, it’s grown by leaps and bounds with women who want more out of their fitness program. It’s a 30 minute workout, designed for fat loss. PERFECT for us moms and young women who are trying to fit it all in!

Through BeyondFit Mom, myself and the other BeyondFit trainers are able to offer training, nutrition, and educational services that are strategically designed to give women the tools they need to reach their goals, create lasting body change, and live the fat loss lifestyle.

You have done THREE bikini competitions now, and approached each of them in a healthy way. What has motivated you to enter these competitions?

I competed in my first bikini competition when baby #1 (Jackson) was just 8 months old, and it was a blast.  I did another bikini competition a few months after that .

Since learning how to balance my metabolic hormones through what I eat and how I train for my body type, reaching and maintaining my fitness and fat loss goals has become almost effortless!  I was motivated to enter those competitions as a way to show the world that you really can #dofitnessbetter- even at a competitive level.

Most recently, after baby #2 (Warren James) was born I completed 12 weeks of my postpartum fat loss program (Beyond baby) and since then I was kind of coasted in maintenance mode… so I was ready for new challenge!

Have you used a coach for your fitness or nutrition in any of these competitions? What caused you to go that route (coach vs no coach)?

YES! When I decided I first wanted to train for a competition I knew nothing about the ins and outs of getting on stage, peak week, etc. I needed help with posing, picking my suit, etc… even coaches need coaches to help them learn something new! 

Are you planning on doing any other physique competitions in the future? If so, do you think you will stay within bikini or branch out?

Hmmmm… great question! I’m not sure. I don’t have any future plans, but that could surely change. I enjoy the challenge and having a fun goal to work towards.

Your programs can be used and are effective for men as well. Why have you chosen to gear your knowledge and skills toward women?

I created BeyondFit as I prepared to lose the baby weight of my own, so naturally the community of likeminded women was a focus. With a degree in Exercise Physiology and over ten years of experience as a personal trainer, I looked everywhere for resources I could trust when other new moms asked me for advice. I found great workouts for women who could spend hours at the gym, and excellent diets that certainly worked…

but only if you had hours to spend in the kitchen and didn’t mind going hungry and lacking energy as you chased fat loss. I knew that wouldn’t work for busy women and new moms who needed energy as much as they needed results. I quickly became frustrated at the lack of information that taught new moms how to actually lose the frustrating extra body fat they were left with after having their babies.

I know that you love to lift, and you do sprints. Do you have any other exercises you enjoy? (i.e. yoga, gymnastics, biking, etc)

I used to be a cardio queen and did lots of endurance cycle races (100 miles was my longest). I love yoga when I have time, but now that I’m so busy with my family and everything else that I have going on, I like to keep my workouts as short as possible.

Do you have any last words of wisdom?

Hmmmmm I have so much I could say. Haha I will try to keep it short and leave ya’ll with a few thoughts:

The fitness industry is LACKING when it comes to resources for MOMS. I’ve been really disappointed in watching the fitness industry this past year. From quick fixes to diet gimmicks, it seems that many I this industry are more interested in money than in genuinely helping women. Unfortunately, it seems like mainstream media and fitness experts don’t understand how to communicate with new moms about fat-loss, nutrition and fitness. If there was one thing I could tell you to look for re: new years fitness trends, diets, workouts, etc, it would be this…. SUSTAINABILITY!

If it’s not sustainable- it won’t work long term. Don’t waste your money on quick fixes. Look for something that lasts.

Find a good trainer like Kristen to teach you how to #dofitnessbetter and help you along the way!




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