16 Fitness Goals For 2016

Uncategorized Dec 24, 2015

With each new year comes the litany of resolutions, often times with no plan to get there. “Lose weight”, “quit smoking”, “eat better” are typically among the top resolutions I hear. The downfall to these types of resolutions is that they are vague, and lack a game plan. Instead of getting muddled down in that this year, I have put together my fitness goals for the next year. I want to try new adventures, and achieve greater strength/fitness. I want to push myself. So I sat down and thought about what challenges I want to accomplish this year. Here are my 16 goals for 2016. What are some of your goals?

  1. Set a new half marathon PR – I have a race in February so I am pushing hard and changing up my training style in the hopes of a PR.
  2. Take swim lessons – I would love to someday run a triathlon, but I can barely doggy paddle. I have been talking about this for years. It’s time for me to set aside the time and do this!
  3. Begin training for a full marathon – I never thought I would want to run a full marathon. I always thought the half was fine for me and my body couldn’t handle the training for a full. I am now starting to feel that full marathon itch.
  4. Bring my race pace down to a 7:30/mile – I recently ran a 10k at an 8:04 pace. I would love to get my 5k/10k time down in the 7:30 range.
  5. Work up to 25lb dumbbells for my circuits – When I do my Fitness With Kristen circuits, I am rocking the 20lb dumbbells right now. They are still a challenge and I am getting stronger, but I want to be firmly using 25lb weights and building more muscle by the end of the year.
  6. Deadlift 175lbs – With all of the running I plan to partake in this year, I want to make sure my legs (and core) are nice and strong. I want to build up those glutes! Right now I can properly deadlift 115lbs for 5 reps. I have some work to do!
  7. Back Squat 150lbs – Similar to my reason for the deadlift, I want to ensure I have strong legs, as well as a strong core to prevent injury. Plus, I want to build up that lower body!
  8. Beat my husband in a sprint – Seriously!!! Why can’t I sprint faster than him!
  9. Conquer the pull-up – Pre-pregnancy I had worked my way to three chin-ups, but had not worked hard enough to be able to do a pull-up. This is the year that I want to focus on those muscles and that challenge.
  10. Regain ability to do chin-up – Once I became pregnant, I stopped doing chin-ups. I want to work on these and get back to three reps!
  11. String together 50 unbroken burpees – I usually need to break around 25 or 30. I want to get 50 without a break!
  12. 3:00 Plank ­– Mentally I am usually done with a plank after 1:00; however, physically I know I can go longer. I want to beast into that 3:00 mark with form!
  13. Learn how to do hang clean & power clean – I don’t know about you guys, but I seriously cannot get this move down! For me, it’s like driving stick. I have figured it out once or twice, then immediately lost the ability to do it.
  14. Stretch 10 minutes after most runs – I am SO BAD about this now and I can feel it. My risk of injury is increased, and I know this! Somehow, I still can’t talk myself into stretching after I run (even when I am dilly-dallying). Realistically, I will not stretch after every run, but setting a goal to stretch after MOST runs feels productive AND attainable.
  15. Sign-up for a duathlon – I know I can bike, and run. Now I want to bike and run together. This is something else (like the swim lessons) that I have been putting off for years.
  16. Run a 6:15 1-mile – I love a good challenge, and this screams challenge!

I plan to blog as I complete each of these challenges, to keep myself accountable and to keep you all informed! Spend 10 minutes this week and set some goals for yourself! It does not have to be 16, and it does not have to be outlandish. Let me know your number one fitness goal this year!


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