Working For It

unnamedI first noticed Dana as the crazy girl who would come to the gym in long pants and a sweatshirt, put her treadmill on a high incline, and sprint. She would do these sprints sprinkled with jogging or walking, for what felt like an hour. She had been working with a trainer for a while when I met her, but had taken a break for a month or so due to health reasons. When she was ready to begin working out again, we began training. Her goal from the beginning was always to “get cut up”. She wanted to not only feel strong, but also look strong. She did not want to get bulky, which is a big fear for many women, though it is rare. Dana wanted to lean and tone, and that is exactly what we did.


Since Dana already had a fitness base, our goal was to push her past her comfort zone. This was harder than it is with most people because she gave 110% every single day. Dana walked into that gym at 5:00AM before she would head to work as a teacher, with a fierce attitude, ready for anything I threw at her. Whenever I had a new, really challenging workout that I did not want to modify, she was on the top of my list of clients on which to test it. Dana steadily lost inches and body fat percentage. We also tracked her weight, which did drop, but we focused mostly on her body fat percentage, and inches. Over time, her muscle definition began to pop through, much to her pleasure. I love working with clients, and finding ways to help people stay healthy, but when I get to work with someone like Dana, who gives it 110% every single day, and does the work I give her outside of training, it is hard not to fall in love with my job all over again.




Here are a couple things Dana had to say about her fitness journey:

For what reason did you begin training? I began training because I wanted to get into the best shape of my life for health reasons as well as a nice surprise for my husband when he came home from Afghanistan.

What were your goals? To lose some pounds and get lean

What were some of your biggest obstacles in reaching your goals? My health challenges and emotional status of my husband being gone.

Have your goals changed since you began training? Just trying to maintain now and not be to hard core because we are trying for a family.

How are you maintaining your fitness and health now that you no longer have a trainer? Pretty good….I know what to do because of the training so that helps a lot!!

What is your favorite healthy recipe? Blueberry Mango Muffins!!!

What is one of your biggest health/fitness accomplishments? Running 5 miles straight and just realizing how hard I can push myself to reach my goals!!!

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