Why I Am Doing A Sugar Boycott

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We are halfway through our Sugar Boycott over in the member’s portal, and many of my friends and family have been asking why we are doing a sugar boycott. The boycott is not meant to be a lifestyle. It is aggressive and meant to set us up for a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. Here are a few reasons why my crew and I are taking three weeks to boycott sugar.

1) To rid our bodies of addiction in order to engage in more balanced behavior – Sugar is addicting. Just like any other addictive substance, the more often you consume it, the higher amount of it you need. The thing about sugar is that it really is hidden in so many products you wouldn’t even expect it to be in. My garlic salt has sugar! Siracha, pre-packaged oatmeal, and shredded cheese. I am not saying that sugar is the root of all evil. I am simply saying that it is addictive. If we rid ourselves of the addiction, we can enjoy sweets and other sugar products in moderation. No more battle of “should I have some ice cream? Eh, it’s not good for me, I shouldn’t eat it. Buuuttt, I really want some. Maybe just a bite or two… aaaaaaand it’s gone.” We are ending that cycle by taking control of our sugar addiction. Now the internal conversation can go something like this “Should I have some ice cream? I think I will have a scoop. Mmmmmm…. That was good. I feel satisfied.” No guilt. No head games. Just true enjoyment and moving on.

2) Drop some excess weight/bloat for summer – Excess sugar can lead to fat retention and some good old fashioned water retention. Boycotting sugar, including sugar alcohols/substitutes, can help decrease bloat. As you slowly re-introduce sugar back into your diet, you can determine what types of sugar/sugar substitutes cause bloat. With the summer season right around the corner, those extra few pounds of bloat feel nice to shed.

3) Extra Energy
– This is a double edge sword because for the first week, sometimes two, of a sugar detox, your energy levels can plummet. You may even feel like you have the flu. That is our body getting rid of its addiction. Ask anyone who has quit anything addictive: nicotine, caffeine, etc. There is a huge plummet in energy, an increase in agitation, then once the addiction passes the clouds clear. Your mood is boosted and your energy increases. As a mom, a wife, and really just as a human trying to survive, any increase I can get in energy is a huge positive to me!

Cutting sugar is VERY difficult. It is literally in EVERYTHING! It also comes with some nasty side effects. If you want to cut sugar, focus on whole, real food to fight your cravings. You will need to increase fats in order to make up for the natural decrease in carbohydrates from cutting sugar. Most importantly, you want to keep in mind that cutting sugar is NOT a lifestyle. A sugar boycott is meant to give you the tools to live a more balanced lifestyle. To enjoy sugar in a more balanced manner without feeling out of control.

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