What Supplements I Take

I get asked a lot about what supplements I take and what I suggest for others. I always feel weird suggesting my supplements to other people, simply because we all have different tastes. I am going to list the few supplements I take, when, and why, and also briefly let you all know why I decided to partner up with strength.com, of all the supplement suppliers.

unnamed-1First, what I use.

Protein Powder – I use this most days, typically after my workout to ensure muscle repair. I always have my protein 30-60 minutes after my workout. You don’t HAVE to have a protein shake, but it is important that you consume PROTEIN. I have been using Garden of Life lately, switching between chocolate and vanilla. I like the chocolate mixed into my pancakes, and I like the vanilla mixed into everything else (oatmeal, smoothies, etc). I really like the ingredients in this protein powder because there is no sucralose.

BCAAs – I get on a kick with these then kind of forget about them. I like them for a mid afternoon pick-me-up, or when I workout first thing in the morning I will have some beforehand. I like BCAA’s mostly for hydration and for maintaining muscle mass. I tried flavorless and really hated it, FYI.

Nuun Hydration – I think I would die without this. I usually have one tablet mixed with water after any run. If I am out a lot during the day and sweating, I will have one. I don’t usually have more than one tablet per day, but sometimes in the summer I will have one before my run and one after. These help me maintain my electrolyte balance, and give me a leg up with hydration. Sometimes water just does not cut it for me and I need the extra flavor. Lemon-lime is my favorite flavor. The pricing is a little outrageous, so I usually try to get it on sale at REI. I have found it in some supermarkets, but it can be hit or miss depending on where you live. I have no affiliation with Nuun, I literally just love their products. I like the ingredients and the taste.

Protein Bars – I try not to get too crazy about these because even though they are convenient and high in protein, I still would prefer to get as many nutrients as possible from more real food. None-the-less, I am a mom on the go running my own business, so I am in a crunch for time A LOT. My favorite protein bars are Quest bars. I will usually toast them up so they are gooey, but I like them on-the-go too. They end up being my dessert from time to time.

unnamedWhat’s the deal with Strength.com?

So here is the deal: I am not some super popular trainer. I am mostly known by locals wherever I move, and a handful of awesome followers online. Somehow, I have had several companies contact me about being a representative for them. The problem is, they typically have one line of products, and I change my mind a lot. I like to try new things and find new products. I liked that strength.com had more options than JUST protein powders, or JUST their brand.

I also liked that I was not expected to purchase anything to then sell for profit. A few companies contacted me and told me I could essentially buy into their product. Even better, they were asking me to do this without ever having tried their product and without offering a sample. Sounds like a pyramid scheme to me. No thanks. I was given a few bucks toward my first purchase, and I get the same discount I can offer to you. I do not have to buy anything up front to then turn around and sell it. That seems fair to me.

Further, I ALWAYS wait until too late to reorder my goods. Essentially, once I have run out I go put in my order. That means I usually have a week where I have to go buy in store, or I am without my protein powder (or even worse, my Quest bars). Strength.com set it up so your order is automatically sent out monthly. You can change this to be quarterly or you can cancel it after your first order so it is not automatically sent out. I love having that set up for me, but I also appreciate how easy it is to change that (since I like to try new things and switch my order).

Finally, I liked that they have a price match option. At the bottom of their website they state “*We strive to have the best member prices on all our products. If you find a lower price on the exact same item before we do, contact our customer support team at 1-877-410-2877 and we will beat it for you.” Again, that seems fair to me.

For these reasons, I am an ambassador with strength.com, so I encourage you to use the code fitnesswithkristen when you purchase items off their site for 10% off your entire purchase.

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