Wedding Weekend + My Workouts

This weekend was so much stinkin’ fun! My husband and I flew out to Virginia for a friend’s wedding. Originally our son was supposed to come with us, but after our travel before and during our move, we knew he needed to be in a stable environment. We got on the horn with Grandma and begged her to help us out. After tons of arm twisting (because no Grandma wants to spend time with their grandkid) she obliged and flew out to spend a week with out little guy. Please note the sarcasm. She has loved every second of it.

unnamed-4ANYWAY, this friend is one of our friends from when we lived in North Carolina. Our group of friends from there are a tight knit group and we all absolutely loved being together there, and getting to see each other out here at the wedding. Everyone has mostly dispersed from that area, so it was amazing for us to all get together!

Pat and I woke up early on Thursday morning to catch our flight. I packed some egg casserole, Kodiak pancakes, an Ezekial English muffin, a banana, and tons of Dayquil because I was sick. Perfect timing. I chugged two bottles of water on the way to the airport in hopes of being somewhat hydrated. Flying kidless meant actually sleeping on the plane, which I forgot was a possibility. Our flight arrived around 1:30 but we still had about four hours of driving ahead of us. Once we got to the hotel I basically threw my bags into the room and ran down to the gym so I could get my blood flowing. Pat had his distance learning class and some work to do anyway, so I had to get out of his hair. Here is what I did for workouts while we were here:unnamed-1

  • Thursday – 1 mile slow run to warm-up
    •  5 progression sprints (each sprint was faster than the last) 30 seconds sprint, 1:00 rest)
    • FWK Bonus Core workout for September

I finished all of this in about 35-40 minutes.

  • Friday – FWK Circuit
  • Saturday – The treadmill was occupied and there was a storm outside so I did:
    • Burpees – 10 rounds of 30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest
    • Abs – 3 rounds 30 seconds Russian Twists, 30 seconds reach to feet in air.
  • Sunday – Leisurely bike about 2 miles.
  • Monday – FWK workout and short run.

As you may recall from past posts and from this post, I don’t spend a ton of time working out. I like to keep my workouts (bar running) under 30 minutes. I have only been running up to four miles lately, so even with running everything has remained under that one hour mark. Since I got to travel alone with my husband this weekend, I did not want to waste any precious time on our trip! We were able to spend some quality time together (mostly consisting of me staying up until 1:30 AM reading a book, then describing the entire book in detail to Pat the next day – talk about partying!), and I was able to get quite a bit of work done. Further, we had a lot of friends to catch up with, and a 10:30 AM wedding to hit up!

unnamed-6I didn’t photograph any of my food, but I mostly focused on nutrients when I ate. I looked for anything that offered fruits and vegetables, followed by anything that offered protein. I had an amazing mini gluten free muffin at the wedding, which I am pretty sure was coffee chocolate, but I have no actual idea. At brunch yesterday I had a frittata with veggies and some sausage. It was delicious, amazing, and chock full of nutrients. I also enjoyed some pizza, mimosas, a healthy amount of sushi, and multiple gallons of coffee. I never ate enough to feel sick or bloated, and I never felt guilty after. I do work really hard to eat energizing food even when I travel, because I work hard at home to be fit and healthy. I also want to be balanced, so when I have a chance for a mimosa and pizza, I am going to ENJOY it. I do not find overeating enjoyable so I usually try to take my time and stop when I no longer feel hungry. This is a tough balance, and I had to be VERY conscious about this in order to make it a habit. It is a habit now though, and I rarely actually think about it. I just stop eating when I am no longer hungry. I know I have mentioned this before, and I know it feels vague and frustrating if you are not there yet. I encourage you to be conscious of your eating. Be conscious of stopping when you are no longer hungry. Be conscious of the feelings you associate with food and work toward not feeling guilty after you eat. Even if you think you ate something “bad”. Guilt usually leads to the “f its”. The “f it, I already ate pizza so I might as well have ice cream” mentality. It does no good, so be conscious of it and work away from it. You can do that!

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