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It has been a super busy weekend of getting settled, birthday festivities, and fan girling. Pat and I spent all day Saturday unpacking the last few boxes we had left and setting up the garage – mostly my workout section. We worked hard all day so we could play all day Sunday, which is exactly what we did. I started the day off with my 30th birthday workout, which I will share below. After that, we headed down to Denver to enjoy brunch at Snooze, which was amazing. They had cream cheese hollandaise, which is life changing. I had an eggs benedict variation with salmon, capers, and gluten free toast, with a side of hash browns. After my workout I probably could have eaten 5 more eggs! We spent the rest of the day at a street fair and hanging out on our back deck chatting. Yesterday, I got to meet Juli Bauer from Paleomg and it was so fun! Pat set up a coffee meeting for us and we got to chat and I picked her brain a little bit about her business. I tried not to be a totally crazy fan, and I think I was pretty collected for most of our time together. She really was just as fun and nice in person as she is on her blog and social media.


Of course, turning 30 got me thinking about future goals I have: for my family, my fitness, and my business. I am so proud that my fitness is far superior to where it was even three years ago, meaning age is just a number. I know so many people get caught up in their age and use it as an excuse, but it is not a great excuse. The older I get, the more important I feel it is to take care of myself. I find it important to eat healthy and make sure I am eating enough, because I want to have the energy to be around for my husband and my son. I want to be able to keep up with my family!

As far as my business, I want to continue focusing on helping people gain confidence and strength. With my online community, we have a program and support forum designed specifically for fat loss and strength, including added core strength. Through that, I want people to gain the confidence to try things they have never been brave enough to try before. We have members who began playing hockey after a few months in the community. Other members have signed up to run races. Still others are literally gaining the confidence to invest in professional and fashionable clothing outside of leggings (no judgement here – I live in yoga pants). I hope to continue to grow our community in such a way that lifts these members up and boost their confidence while continuing to offer the resources and tools they need to be successful long term.

I have completely overhauled how I work with my online clients, and they seem to be extremely pleased with that. There is a lot more interaction and dialogue, and it is helping me to make a program that is more suitable for them. We have found a way to work toward their goals, stay in communication, and keep things fresh. I want to continue making this as easy to follow as possible while helping clients get the results they need.

Finally, for Fitness With Kristen, I want to put together some more at home programs like I have with my PR Half Marathon Training Plan and Lean Body e-book. My goal is to get an understanding of what people need, and put together comprehensive resources so that people can meet their goals!

Moving on to my fitness goals. Now that I have checked a marathon off of my list, I want to train for a triathlon sometime in the next five years. I realize that seems like a lofty amount of time, but when I train, I train 100% and I am unsure when we will have the time for that type of dedication any time soon. I also want to sign-up for a few races in the next few months, just to experience the excitement of running and racing again. I really love to run, but it is lowest priority when I don’t have a plan in place. From November through May I ran my little heart out getting ready to train, then training for my half marathon and marathon. Getting a few short races on the books will help me prioritize my running better. I also want to try Crossfit again! I have been to a few classes, but if I ever have time I would love to get into a class once per week or so to supplement the workouts I am doing at home. I just genuinely do not feel like I have time to dedicate one hour to a class, plus the time to shower and be a respectable human afterward.

unnamed-1Overall, in the next few years, I want to grow my fitness, family, and business. I want to grow my business in a way that is helpful for others, not just profitable for me. I want to empower others to be the best version of themselves, and I want to continue to push my own limits to find out how strong I really am!

Here is my 30-year-old celebration workout, including the weights I used:


2 rounds for time

  • 30 Barbell Thrusters (just bar)
  • 30 Air Squats
  • 30 Burpees
  • 30 Kettlebell Swings (25lb KB)
  • 30 (total) Overhead Walking Lunges (25lb plate)

Finished in 20:37. Let me know if you try this workout!

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