Tips To Prepare For A Balanced Thanksgiving


One of my favorite holidays of the year is this week and I could not be more excited. I know that with this holiday comes a lot of anxiety or total loss of interest with regards to health goals. That’s the best thing about BALANCE! You can maintain health, and enjoy Thanksgiving at the same time. No need to RESTRICT or OVEREAT. Here are my tips on preparing yourself for a balanced Thanksgiving:

  • Work on eating a lot of veggies and drinking a lot of water the week of Thanksgiving. If you are eating healthy leading up to Thanksgiving, and ensuring you are getting plenty of nutrients, you won’t feel so inclined to overindulge the day of.
  • Game Plan – Choose 2 favorites, and otherwise stick to proteins and produce. Perhaps you LOVE stuffing. Who doesn’t? Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without it. Have some stuffing, but be sure to fill your plate with healthy turkey and vegetables (the less dressings the better).
  • Do not sit/stand near the appetizers. This seems obvious, but once you have a plate of appetizers, move away from the table. It is amazing how simply contemplating the act of getting up to go back to the table can be a deterrent, especially when you are enjoying good conversation.
  • Always hold a cup of water. Carrying a cup of water will ensure that you are staying hydrated. Many times our body signals us to eat when in fact we are dehydrated. Further, holding that cup gives us one less hand with which to hold food.
  • Stick to clear alcohols and drink water between alcoholic beverages. This will ensure you maintain some level of hydration, and hopefully less of a hangover with less sugar in your alcohol (though if you drink straight vodka, you’ll probably still be nursing a rough hangover).
  • JUST SAY NO! If you do not want something, do not feel bullied into eating or trying it. I know that peer pressure, especially from family, can make us feel like we should eat something we don’t even want, or eat more than we feel like eating. JUST SAY NO! Comments like “you can indulge this once” or “ are you on a diet or something?” or anything thereof that we have all experienced do not need to be reasons to eat something you don’t want.
  • Thanksgiving morning get up and do something! There are usually Turkey Trot fun run/walks in most areas. Sign-up for one. Go for a walk after dinner. Just make sure you get some good calorie torching exercise in the morning, and some cortisol balancing movement in the evening.
  • Don’t stress. This is supposed to be a fun time with family and friends. Don’t spend your time stressing about calories and fat content. That’s not a free pass to go ballistic on food. Just listen to your body, enjoy a few tasty treats without leaving the dinner/day feeling sick and stuffed.
  • After you enjoy your dinner, don’t spend the next day dwelling on what you ate or didn’t eat. Move on and get back to your healthy eating. Tons of vegetables, healthy protein, and lots of water. Your body naturally detoxes on it’s own, so don’t go on some crazy low calorie diet the next day. Simply eat some extra vegetables and drink your water.
  • Prepare a healthy dish to have at dinner so you can at least rely on one healthy option!

For more help bouncing back from your Thanksgiving feast, be sure to join us for the second round of Fit For Festivities & check out my rebound tips.

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