The Three Steps You Need To Take To See Results

Fall is looming and summer travel is becoming a thing of the past. If you have been working hard all summer and not seeing results, you need to take these three steps to reach your goals. If you have been easing up over the summer and you are looking to get back into your routine, keep these three steps in mind and you work toward your goals!unnamed

  1. Push Yourself Harder (faster and heavier weights) – DURING your workout you should be pushing yourself. Do not be afraid to use heavier weights. You want to be using a heavy enough weight to challenge you without compromising form. If you have higher intensity workouts, push yourself to work faster. Move away from pacing yourself. HIIT workouts are all the hype because they WORK. Crossfit is so popular because IT WORKS. You push yourself really hard, in a short amount of time. Knowing that your workout won’t last for two hours helps you to push harder. Either way, pushing outside your comfort zone is how you yield results – whether your goals are distance running, fat loss, strength, etc.
  2. Nutrition – Take a good hard look at your nutrition. Are you actually eating well? Are you energizing yourself and nourishing yourself? This means eating ENOUGH food – not overeating and not starving yourself. This means consuming vitamin filled, nutritious food most of the time. Ditch the diet food, the shakes, the detoxes, and eat real food. Your body is designed for real food. Take a hard look at what you are consuming and determine if it is actually energizing you.
  3. Rest – Pushing yourself DURING your workout is important. Pushing yourself all the time is counterproductive. In fact, if your goal is strictly fat loss, your cortisol levels are going to play a huge role in your ability to lose fat. In order to keep those levels balanced, true rest is important. Further, if performance is your goal, you STILL need rest. Your body HAS TO recover from the strain of difficult workouts. I see people all the time saying “I was supposed to take a rest day, but I worked out anyway”. I know that seems hardcore, but in reality you are hindering your fat loss and performance goals by decreasing your body’s ability to recover and thereby work harder during future workouts. Lack of rest also leads to burnout. If you push too hard all the time, you will burnout and your adherence to your program will decrease or become non-existent.

Implement these three steps this month and watch your goals become a reality. Be honest with yourself. If you need extra support join our Fitness With Kristen members for monthly workouts, encouragement, recipes, and nutrition help.


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