The Next Day

Ever had one of those days where you ate too much the day before and you feel sluggish the next day?  Maybe you went out to dinner and polished off your plate, or reached for that extra dessert.  Perhaps you were at a party and had a few too many chips or wings, or a library of chocolate.  Maybe you were just at home and overate.  Either way, the next morning always feels slow and heavy.  You wake up feeling dehydrated and bloated, and many times a little ashamed.  “Why did I eat that when I know it’s bad for me?”

Now it’s the next morning and you’re feeling a little guilty and bloated.  What’s the next move?  The best way to get back on track after an afternoon or evening of overdoing it is to get back into your routine.  The next morning, give your body a little more time to signal that it’s hungry – you shouldn’t have to wait more than two hours.  Once you are hungry, have yourself a normal portioned, healthy breakfast.  Do no have a smaller breakfast than normal, or starve yourself.  This only makes your situation worse, sending your body into starvation mode which will likely cause you to overeat later in the day.  Be sure to drink extra water to flush out the excess sodium and hydrate.  The worst thing you can do in this situation is get the “F its”.  “I’ve already blown my diet, so f it.”  It’s good to indulge once in a while and let your cravings receive a little satisfaction, but giving into the f its really will blow your diet and you will end up feeling and becoming extremely unhealthy.  As for exercise, there’s no need to overdo it the next day.  Perhaps do a few extra minutes of cardio, or a couple extra sets of weight training, but there’s no need to do an extra hour of exercise.  That is a dangerous behavior that is a red flag.

So if you have one of those days when you overdo it, give yourself a break.  Get right back into your routine, add a few extra minutes or sets to your workout, and remind yourself why you eat healthy and exercise to begin with.  Remind yourself how happy your body is and will continue to be without all the problems of being sedentary and overweight.  Letting one slip take down your whole week will surely lead to medical problems in the future.  Also remember, you can restart your clock anytime during the day.  Just because you had a hefty lunch, doesn’t mean your whole day is blown.  Have a healthy dinner with some extra veggies to compensate.  Listen to your body and your body will be happy.

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