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It is a gross rainy day here, and my morning client had to cancel, so I spent the morning on a longer workout than usual, as well as some extra meal prep!  Today’s leg workout consisted of extra weight, extra exercises, and my favorite motivational shirt for leg day!  Check it out:

  • Reverse Hack Squat 70lb 10×4
  • Single leg press 45lb 10 each side x4
  • Close leg back squat 40lb 15×4
  • Stiff leg deadlift 90lbs 10×4

Superset 1 – 10×4

  • Laying Leg Curl 60lb
  • Leg extension 90lbs

Superset 2

  • Hip abductor 90lb 10×4
  • Hip adductor 120lb 12×4

Back extensions with 25lb plate – 10×4

Walking up the stairs afterward was quite a struggle and I loved every second of it.

I put together the butternut squash lasagna packed with TONS of vitamins, that I posted previously.  Also, one of my favorite snacks pictured above is a cut up cookies and cream Quest Bar (I’m obsessed) rolled into balls, broiled in a toaster oven for a few minutes and plopped in some almond milk.  Probably my favorite midday snack, especially on days I have an extra hard workout!


These recipes, snacks, and amped up workouts have added up and are slowly but surely helping me reach my goals.  For transformation Tuesday I share with you some of my transformation since October.




It is slight, but in the last six months I have begun to lean out and reach, not only weight goals, but fitness goals.  Not only did I run my second half marathon in February, but I am also lifting heavier weights than I ever have in my entire life!  I am up to 3 chin-ups at a time (baby steps) and 150lb leg press!  Here are a few things that worked for me:

  1. Meal Prepping – it feels daunting and somewhat overwhelming at first, but is totally worth it during the week.  I like to make sure I always have boiled eggs on hand, and lately have been making banana muffins as well so that there is something quick to grab in the morning on the days I oversleep..
  2. Meal Planning – Slightly different than meal prepping, putting together a menu for the week helps me on my really busy weeks and grocery shopping.  I don’t meal plan as much now as I did a few months ago, but on weeks where I feel like I am falling off track I meal plan again for that week.  It helps not having to think about what to make for dinner, and instead to look at what I already wrote out and just make it real quick.
  3. Bringing a Workout to the Gym – Even though I am a trainer, going into the gym with no plan leaves me wandering around aimlessly.  I realized I always have workouts for my clients, so why don’t I have a workout for myself.  Over the last month or so I have written out a workout each night before bed, so that when I wake up in the morning I can head out the door right to the gym, and not have to think about what I am doing there.
  4. Working out even when I don’t feel like it – If I am sick or injured, I of course rest, or rest my injury.  That being said, some days I wake up tired and lethargic (probably from having too much sugar the night before…) with no desire to workout.  Those are the days it is particularly important for me to get into the gym.  Even if it’s for 20 minutes and I do three exercises, it is better than not going at all.  Weighted exercises always make me feel stronger, physically and mentally, and always gets me fired up to get back into working out!
  5. Giving myself a break – Once in a while it is OK not to be on a meal plan or workout.  The body needs to rest, and sometimes that means no workout and eating something outside of my meal plan.  That does not mean sitting down and eating an entire Dominos pizza while going on a TV bender.  As always, everything is best in moderation, whether it’s junk food, rest days, working out, or staying on a stringent eating plan.
  6. Applaud your accomplishments – It is really difficult today to be proud of your accomplishments.  Find a friend or workout partner who has similar interests in health and fitness so you have someone who not only understands what it is you are working toward, but who can also appreciate the hard work it takes to achieve your goals.  Sometimes you just HAVE to brag, and bragging to someone who understands makes it less awkward to boast about your accomplishments.  Remember, it’s OK to be proud of yourself!

These are tips that worked for me, but not all of them may work for you.  Mix and match what you like, and always keep your goals in mind!

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