Revisiting 16 Fitness Goals For 2016


At the beginning of the year I put together a list of 16 Fitness Goals For 2016. Now that the year is just about half way over, I wanted to revisit each goal, and tell you all where I am for that goal. The completed goals are in green.

  1. Set a new half marathon PRI did this! You can read about it here, but what a rush! I finished in 1:42:44, which is 10 minutes faster than my previous PR of 1:52:59. This had a lot to do with smarter training that included speed work, not just getting in the mileage, as well as better nutrition.
  2. Take swim lessons – I’m still holding out hope for this one.
  3. Begin training for a full marathon This is funny, because as I was writing this in December I honestly thought I probably would not end up doing this. That’s why my goal was only to train for a race, not even necessarily run it! Run it I did and the training was fun and definitely not what I had planned.
  4. Bring my race pace down to a 7:30/mile – I was doing some of my training runs faster than this, but this is a broad goal. I could probably run a 5K at this pace, and maybe even a 10K. I doubt I could keep it up for a half marathon this year though.
  5. Work up to 25lb dumbbells for my circuits – With all of my running, my circuits were not as much of a priority. I did strength train throughout, but it was more isolated and not as high intensity. I think I can definitely make this goal by year’s end though.
  6. Deadlift 175lbs – I am pretty far from this, so I will have to add in some time to work on it. During race training I got up to 115lbs.
  7. Back Squat 150lbs – During race training I did 2 reps at 155lbs!
  8. Beat my husband in a sprint – He’s injured (his knee – it’s not the end of the world), so beating him right now wouldn’t even be fun.
  9. Conquer the pull-up – I am getting better at this, and can do it on the bar in our house. I do not think I can do it from a fully hanging position yet though.
  10. Regain ability to do chin-up – I can do this! I can only do one or two, but I am back to my chin-up strength.
  11. String together 50 unbroken burpees – I tried this after a burpee sprint workout, and made it to 25. I gave it a try this morning and completed it in 3:40.
  12. 3:00 Plank ­– I completed this on the first day of the year!
  13. Learn how to do hang clean & power clean – I have done zero to move toward this goal.
  14. Stretch 10 minutes after most runs – This one has been tricky. I have good weeks and terrible weeks with this. The worst part about it is that I think about it after every run, but often decide I don’t have time. This is an excuse. This needs to be a priority for me for injury prevention. It is such a simple way to prevent injury!
  15. Sign-up for a duathlon – I have made no moves for this, but am still hopeful.
  16. Run a 6:15 1-mile – I did a half-mile at a 6:23 pace during training. I think this is within reach, but I have to actually try!

If you have goals for this year, it is not too late to work on them. Get out there and start trying! You may surprise yourself. If you have not set any goals, go ahead and set a few. It is motivating to work toward a specific goal.

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