Not Just for Athletes

Today I want to share with you speed, agility, and quickness training.  Originally utilized as a means to enhance an athletes performance, these drills have proven to be effective for weight loss, as well as prevent age-related decreases in bone loss, coordinative ability, and muscular power in seniors.  This type of training keeps you engaged, making your workout more fun, which will likely entice you to continue.   Another benefit?  According to Trembley, Simaneau, and Bouchard in Metabolism, high-intensity interval training can burn more subcutaneous fat than long-duration, low-to-moderate-intensity endurance training.  Here is an example from the National Academy of Sports Medicine of a circuit for someone seeking weight-loss:

  1. Jump Rope: 30 seconds (using various foot patterns)
  2. Rest 20 seconds
  3. Cone Shuffles:* 30 seconds
  4. Rest 20 Seconds
  5. Any 3 Ladder Drills: 30 seconds.
  • Place 8 cones in a line about 30 inches apart.
  • Line up facing the line of cones.
  • Lower center of gravity and side-shuffle in and out of the cones without hitting them.
  • First perform this facing forward, then facing backward.
  • Repeat for duration of station.
  • Use other foot patterns such as forward, backward, and stepping over the cones as well

Do this circuit three times once you have the ability to do these exercises quickly with proper form.  Improper form can cause injury, as can doing exercises outside of your body’s ability.  Start at your own pace and work your way up.  Happy Saturday!  Get out there and do something active today!

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