New Goals and New Outlook

In October, I met with Kristina to take her on as a new client.  During our first week working out, she got so dizzy that her lips turned blue and I was convinced my morning would start with a call to 911.  After that morning we chose to build a foundation for her fitness and took long breaks between sets and during exercises.  Over six months later, she can do that same workout she did the first week, with far less effort.  She has faced many obstacles on her journey, and her attitude has never wavered.  We meet twice a week, but her son, between ear infections, fractures, and normal three year old sickness, has had to miss school many times, which means we miss meeting up.  On those days I send her a workout, and she ALWAYS does that workout and sends me her feedback afterward.

Kristina Halloween

When we first began Kristina told me she wanted to get healthy “but if I lose weight along the way that would be great.”  She told me she weighed herself, but tried not to harp on the number.  In the first three months, she lost several inches, but no weight.  Though this was frustrating she brought her A-game to every work out.  In January when she went to her doctor, who is also a nutritionist, the doctor told her the reason she wasn’t losing weight was because she wasn’t eating enough!  Once she changed her diet, she continued losing inches, and pounds dropped off.  Just two months later she has lost more than ten pounds and fourteen inches.  Her total success in numbers since we began is twelve pounds and 29 inches gone!

Here are some questions she answered for me about her journey:

For what reasons did you begin training?

I realized that I was not allowing others to take pictures of me, finding every excuse to not be in a picture because I was ashamed of what I had become. I needed to get out of a mental rut, become a healthy, happy mom-who would be in pictures with their own child!

When you began training, what were your goals?  What did you want to get out of training?

My goals were just to lose weight. I wanted to get “skinny” and have it happen instantly. (I was an idiot.)

What has been the biggest obstacle in your fitness journey?

Being a mom. My training schedule goes around my son’s school, sleep, and sickness schedule. Sometimes I have to delay training because I have been up all night with him, and sleep is all I can think about!

What has been your greatest accomplishment in your journey?

The realization that it wasn’t going to happen overnight, that this is a LIFESTYLE change. If I want to be healthy and be confident, I have to change everything I do. Realizing this was the mental epiphany. Once that change happened, my goals and views on life were completely changed-for the better.

Has working out/training changed your attitude in other parts of your life?  If so, how?

Yes! I don’t like being as sedintary, because I know it isn’t helping me get to that “healthier me”. I consiously think about the food that goes into my mouth, and why it would be good or bad-not just “it tastes good, shovel it in!”… Food is no longer a “comfort” thing, it is the body’s fuel. Clothes shopping is also getting better. While I still hate it, I don’t feel as bad about myself when I do try on clothes. Yay for better self confidence!

What is your favorite healthy meal?

Simply grilled chicken with a baked sweet potato and a pile of green beans. To change it up on the chicken I simply change the spices I put on the chicken before grilling.

How does fitness play a role in your life as a Mom?

It creates a healthy start for my son. He will grow up knowing how to live a healthy life without having to think twice about it. Fitness and healthy eating should be a normal part of life-not something we have to figure out as an adult. It has also helped me be a happier mom. I have more energy to play, I laugh more, smile more, and love more.

Kristina After

2 thoughts on “New Goals and New Outlook

  1. I can’t even say how much I love this. This us a beautiful testament to life and to loving each day. Thank you both for sharing this and thank you both for inspiring me to be better.

    1. Thanks Pamela! Kristina is such a devoted, hard working person who has earned every inch and overcome many obstacles! I am honored to be a part of her journey.

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