My Current Obsessions

Anyone who knows me knows that when I get into something I AM OBSESSED. I’m that super annoying friend who learns about songs months after is was popular and I listen to that song on repeat. I am that person. You can stop following me now if you need to, I would understand. Now that we have that cleared up, once in a while I like to do a round-up of my favorite things. At this point though let’s be real: these are my current obsessions.


Guys, I’m onboard. Again, I am always so late to the party, but I have arrived. I am super obsessed with podcasts right now, and there is no turning back. I listen to them while I work and they give me a lot of inspiration. I also listen to them on my run. I have been running headphone free for years but I was in the middle of a podcast and decided to run with it playing one day and I loved it. Music messes with my tempo, but with the podcast I can listen to fun conversation and it doesn’t have any impact on my pace.

Serial – Pat and I binged Serial on our move to Colorado. The first season was so good and I was torn the whole time. Was the guy guilty? Was he not?! I need answers!!! I had to look up everything regarding this story afterward and was kind of sad when the season was over. I immediately looked up every podcast that was considered similar to this, and none of them delivered the same sense of “what happened next?” that Serial did. I HAD to listen to each episode.

I’ll Have Another – This is my running podcast. The host interviews women runners, as well as successful women, most of whom are entrepreneurs. Most of the women are also moms, so these are all subjects I can relate to. I love hearing about women who ran their first marathon around 4 hours and now they are running times below 3:10. This is super motivating to me. I also just love listening to successful women because I want to be a successful woman, so they inspire me to keep moving in the direction of my dreams.

Girls Gone WOD – This podcast is hysterical. The two hosts reference Mean Girls at least once per episode, and it’s so well placed. They interview people all over the spectrum: cookbook authors, therapists, Crossfit athletes, distance athletes, nutritionists, etc. They also have a few episodes on marriage hacks, which is brilliant. They have a lot of discussions about “what is balance” and really discussing that it isn’t black and white when it comes to food and exercise. This brings up so many points that I want to remember to chat with my group about. Mostly, they are hilarious.

Food Products

img_9259Arctic Zero – I don’t really love foods promoted as “diet foods” or “health foods”. If you have been following me for a while, you have probably noticed that I am mostly a real food advocate. Sometimes though I do want something sweet, but I don’t have a BIG sweet tooth so I can’t really handle anything really rich. I have found two flavors of this ice cream that I love, and I have been having a bowl every night. I don’t feel really bloated or heavy after, I just feel full. I like the brownie batter and the cookie dough best because they are a bit creamier and they have some chunks in there. I have tried a few other flavors and wasn’t a fan, but these two I am obsessed with!

img_9249Primal Kitchen Avocado Mayo – I know a lot of people are afraid of mayo because of fats or whatever we have been told that makes it “bad”. My only gripe is that there is usually sugar in it, and I don’t see the necessity in that. I started using this mayonnaise for a buffalo chicken casserole recipe and it’s so good. I can’t wait to make BLTs with this! I like the ingredients in it and it tastes good.

Local Food

img_9582Beet Box – On Sunday I decided we NEEDED to have donuts, but full disclosure I look for gluten free donuts. The sugar is a lot for me when it comes to donuts, so I don’t want to add in the digestive stress of gluten. We went down to this bakery and they were legitimately the best donuts I have ever head. They were super filling and SO TASTY! We got double chocolate, apple cinnamon, and pumpkin spice. Unreal. If you live in the Denver area you HAVE to try this place. You don’t have to be gluten free – they have gluten free and non-gluten free. It’s cake in donut form.


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