Mental and Physical Strength



In May 2012 I met Phylicia, my first client.  I was working in the evening and we were introduced around 8:00 PM.  She was quiet and unobtrusive.  At 24 years old, she was feeling sluggish and unhealthy.  She wanted to lose weight and learn her way around the gym.  Her breakfast at the time consisted of a can of Mountain Dew. Slowly, but surely she drank less and less Mountain Dew, and began adding a healthy breakfast to her morning. She no longer drinks Mountain Dew, or Soda at all.


In the beginning we met for thirty minutes two days per week.  Her initial strength was low, especially for someone so young. As time progressed we started adding in a third day per week where she would work out on her own. She began a couch to 5k program and in February 2013 we ran a 5k together – her first!


Throughout her journey, Phylicia steadily lost one to two pounds per month. Her body fat and/or inches went down every month, and she consistently listened to my advice. In the beginning we worked on circuit training to boost her metabolic burn, but as we neared the end of our training together, and as she continued to shrink, we focused more on strength training. Here is what Phylicia had to say about her hard work and time training:


What were some of your biggest obstacles in reaching your goals? My biggest obstacle was mental. I knew what I wanted but I had to find the courage within myself to go out and get it. Eating healthier was a daily challenge, I used to eat fast food several times a week and drink Mountain Dew for breakfast. It took some time but it has now been 8 months since I’ve had a soda and I never go to fast food restaurants anymore.


Have your goals changed since you began training? Yes, I have met and far exceeded my original goals of wanting to get in shape and feel better about myself. Now my goals are to become stronger. I want to be able to do an unassisted pull up and muscle up.


How are you maintaining your fitness and health now that you no longer have a trainer? After training with Kristen, I had high expectations. I joined a CrossFit gym and they work me just as hard as Kristen did!


What is your favorite healthy recipe? Smoothies! I make them with greek yogurt, almond milk, strawberries, bananas, blueberries, spinach and protein powder


What is one of your biggest health/fitness accomplishments? I amaze myself every time I go to the gym with how much stronger I have gotten. After 18 months of beginning training, I completed the Tough Mudder. I had some doubts along the way but Kristen helped me gain the confidence I needed to prove myself wrong. And that has bled over into all aspects of my life.



Phylicia is working while she earns her master’s degree.  Though she is very busy, she makes it a point to have healthy options available and to work out several times per week. She is branching out to try new activities, which recently included a trapeze class!  In the 14 months that we trained she lost 28 pounds and over 13 percent body fat!  Most importantly, she has gained physical and mental strength with her new body and new attitude!

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