Maintaining Health While Moving Across the Country  


For the last three weeks, my husband and I have been making our way across the country and unpacking as we moved from coastal North Carolina to coastal California. Before we moved, we made a few staples for our trip (bagels, boiled eggs) and bought some snacks to hold us over on the longer rides (Quest bars, bananas, oranges). As the time approached for the packers to arrive and for us to close up the apartment, our fridge was barren. Once we arrived we did not have a refrigerator for a couple of days.

We spent a lot of our time eating out, but that did not mean chicken fingers and fries for us. When I eat out I try to make sure that I get something with at least a protein and vegetables or fruit (depending on what is available). Getting through long car rides with greasy food sitting on my stomach is not appealing to me. In the evenings, we stayed with a lot of family and friends on the trip, where we often made or were offered homemade meals. This certainly helped cut down on cost, and discomfort.


We were able to stay very active on our trip as well since we were staying with people we knew, and stopped in some beautiful areas. We were driving, so as usual I had a kettlebell and some dumbbells in the car. Not only were we able to incorporate these into workouts, but we were able to run in many of the places where we stayed. Once we hit Colorado, we went to Red Rock Amphitheater for a day to do a family workout. We also spent a few days up in the mountains where we were able to get in long walks and head to the peaks of a few mountains.10470605_822780135274_935222471279739704_n

Though we did not get our traditional gym time in, staying active helped us maintain healthy eating habits and energy levels throughout the trip. I am disappointed to report that I lost about four pounds throughout the move. I know many women find that exciting, but I feel a loss for all of the hard work I put into lifting. I finally had built some baby muscles and now they are gone. Getting back to the gym and hitting the weights will feel great, but I am happy that we were able to be active and eat healthy along the way.

Moving can be a stressful time that causes a lot of people to pack on the pounds. Since we will be moving every two to three years, this was perfect practice in finding healthy ways to curb that stress! Here are a few bodyweight workouts to try while you travel:

5 Rounds with minimal breaks

Push-Ups – 20

Squats – 20

Leg lifts – 20

Plank to push up – 20

Do each exercise for 1:00 with a 30 break between sets, 5 rounds




Tricep dips

Mountain climbers


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