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Today I want to feature my social media sister from another mister! Lindsey Fazendine (@lindsey_livesfit on Instagram) is a personal trainer & Mom who recently competed in a bikini competition. First, you should go to her IG account and watch her workout videos, because she has bloopers that are hysterical. Second, read on to get filled in on her competition, why she dropped out the first time she prepped for a competition, and her favorite prep recipe. I loved learning more about Lindsey, and hope to be able to feature one new person per month for all of you!


You recently did your first bikini competition. So exciting! Can you briefly bring us through what exactly a bikini competition is, for any followers who don’t know?

Yes, so exciting! A bikini competition is a category in physique competitions with much less emphasis on muscularity. Bikini category looks for lean and firm physique and competitors are scored on proportion, symmetry, balance, shape, and stage presence.

Last year you prepared for a bikini competition as well. Why did you decide to drop out the week before?

­At that time, I was really letting the mental side of competing get to me. It was turning me into someone I didn’t recognize. Someone my husband didn’t like being around, and overall just a miserable person! I was comparing myself to strangers, and even though I was in great shape, I never felt so insecure. I felt as though I wasn’t in control and the experience was no longer mine. Also, the money was a huge factor. The show was going to be out of town and as a first time competitor I wasn’t prepare for the huge cost. The hotel cost, the tanning, the makeup, the entry fees, the bank account was going to take a huge hit and I just couldn’t justify it!

IMG_6169How was your approach to the competition different from last time?

My approach was night and day! First of all, I was mentally ready. I was doing the show for me and no one else. My goal wasn’t a trophy- it was to finish something I’ve wanted to do for years and to do it BETTER! My last prep, my meal plan was totally out of whack! I was given a “cookie cutter” meal plan. It wasn’t specific to my needs and it was almost impossible to follow. I ate the same thing every day. Day after day…. THE.SAME.THING. Not only is that very boring. It was giving me an unhealthy relationship with food. If the food wasn’t on my meal plan then I felt like I was “cheating” which would then cause so much guilt.

This time around, I took the flexible dieting approach. Flexible dieting is referred to as tracking macros. Macros= Macronutrients Macronutrients are nutrients that provide calories or energy. Nutrients are substance needed for growth, metabolism, and other body functions. Since “macro” means large, macronutrients are nutrients are needed in large amounts. Simply put macros are Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat. By tracking my protein, carb and fat intake, I was able to safely lose body fat and build muscle.

Another part of my nutrition plan that I loved was carb cycling. Carb cycling is strategically altering no­ carb, low­ carb and high­ carb days. Carb cycling helps maintain lean muscle mass while cutting into low levels of body fat. It sounds tough but I loved it. I looked forward to my “high” days and honestly it didn’t even feel like I was on bikini prep!

Tracking my macros gave me freedom! I wasn’t stuck eating a very small list of foods, and I was no longer powerless in restaurants. I could have anything I wanted (within reason) and felt no guilt with my food choices. With my nutrition being so dialed in to my needs, I learned a lot about what foods my body loves. Once I got really good at tracking, I actually broken down my old­ “eat-the-­same-­thing­-every­day-­of-­my-­life­” plan and was shock at the numbers. I was eating enough protein for a 6 ft grown man and my fats were so low that it was scary. I’ve spent the last year studying nutrition and learned that healthy fats are one of the most crucial elements for hormonal balance. That could have been the reason I was such a head case my last prep.

13417574_10100704127360634_3505812266849823398_nNot only did you compete this time, you placed! Congratulations! Can you explain to us what the trophies represent – more specifically the classes and what those classes mean?

Thank you! I won Novice, 2nd in Open short and 2nd in Masters. The Novice category is for beginners or anyone who hasn’t won first place in a previous novice category. Open­anyone can compete regardless of experience and is broken down into height category, usually short, medium and tall. Master is for competitors over the age of 30. Man, that makes me feel old.

How did you balance bikini prep & life as a Mom/Wife/Adult in general?

Plan. Plan. Plan. Plan and prep your meal and schedule your workouts!

Are you planning to do another competition? If so, do you think you will do bikini again or another category?

I don’t have another competition plan but will definitely do another in the future! I will stick to bikini for sure!

What advice do you have for Moms who want to get into physique competitions?

Do your research! Look into the show you want to do, figure out the cost (entry fees, suit cost, tanning, makeup, extra food cost) and make sure that it’s good timing and that you’re mentally ready for the journey.


Do you have any other fitness goals going forward?

My current fitness goal is to maintain a healthy and balanced life!

Can you share your favorite recipe from prep?

I did a lot of protein shakes for snack and became addicted to my chocolate avocado shake. It’s just 1 cup of almond milk, 1/2 avocado, 2 tbsp of cocoa powder and spinach. Add ice and blend! So creamy and delicious.

Any other words of wisdom you would like to share?

Find ways to make healthy living work for you and you alone. Always loves and appreciate your body!


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  1. This is great! I’m a friend of Lindsey’s and a huge fan! 😋 She is absolutely an inspiration as I’m studying to become a personal trainer! I loved her advice about carb cycling. Thanks for highlighting such a wonderful mom, friend, military wife, and overall person! ❤️

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