Holiday Shopping Guide For The Fitness Enthusiast

I may be compensated by affiliate links in this post. I thoroughly test products before writing about them. All opinions are my own.

It is that time of year where the holidays hit and everyone is in a panic for what to get their weird fitness friend (or themselves as the weird fitness enthusiast)! I have put together my favorite products that I have used. I own everything on this list and I recommend all of them simply from personal use. I have one coupon code for you, which is first up! Overall though, I just genuinely love all of this stuff.

For Two Fitness – I have been working out in this shirt the last few weeks and I am OBSESSED. I have even been running in it and it doesn’t ride up on me, which is something I typically struggle with, especially with tank tops. This is the perfect gift for yourself or any pregnant friends! It is a very comfortable material and expands as you expand. They also offered me a discount code, so be sure to use FITKRISTEN for 30% off the entire site + free shipping over $75.

MyBuskins – I know Lu La Roe is all the leggings rage these days, and if that’s your jam that’s cool; however, I LOVE My Buskins so much! They pass the squat test (meaning you can’t see underwear when you bend over/squat) and they are suuuuuper comfortable. I bought two pairs when I was pregnant with my oldest and they expanded nicely with my belly yet I was still able to wear them post partum. I have pretty much been living in them for the last month. They are also only $17.99! These are perfect for pretty much anyone who wears pants.

Fitbit – I am not quite as obsessed with the step count on this as I am with tracking my sleep. With that in mind, it is motivating to see how many steps you take each day, and to reach your step goals. I also like that this has a silent vibrating alarm, which is perfect when I want to wake up early without risk of waking my husband or son. Plus, it’s nice to just know the time of day (and who is calling!) without looking at my phone. Some models also have the heart rate monitor, so if you or someone you are gifting to is a runner and you don’t want to put out the money for a more expensive heart rate tracker the Fitbit would be the way to go.

Garmin – Speaking of perfect gifts for a runner, I love my Garmin. I have the Forerunner 220, which is perfect for my needs. I use it simply to track my pace and distance. It seems to be more accurate than a Fitbit or even Map My Run. You can also save all your runs and sync it to your computer. It tells you your elevation, splits, and most of them come equipped with a heart rate monitor feature. What’s more, if you are gifting to someone who is more than a runner (dual or tri athlete) there are a few versions for that. This means they can track their swims as well! This is a great gift for any serious runner or endurance athlete you know!

Swissball – These are perfect for someone brand new to exercise OR someone who is a seasoned fitness buff. These are also very useful during pregnancy and early postpartum. They are generally inexpensive and can be found on Amazon or at Target, Wal-Mart, or pretty much any store that has a fitness/sports section.

Belly Sports Bra – When I was pregnant with my son running began getting uncomfortable around 32 weeks so I was planning to stop; however, I invested in this and it gave me an extra 5+ weeks of running! I also wore this for my walks as I got near the end of pregnancy and it truly helped reduce pelvic discomfort. If you have an active pregnancy woman to buy for I cannot recommend this product enough. I found it extremely beneficial and I will likely start wearing it soon this time simply because I can already feel more pressure in my pelvis.

Fabletics – I am obsessed with their capris. They basically feel like wearing butter and they don’t ride down even during burpees! I don’t love the shirts, but the capris and long sports bras won me over. They are super comfortable and the few articles of fitness clothing I have found that fit well and don’t ride down. I am having a hard time not sending these to all my fit friends! They have super cute athleisure clothing as well, so if working out isn’t someone’s jam, but being comfortable is, you have found the company.

Quest Bars – Is this too bro? I just think they are a perfect stocking stuffer, or honestly, I would just take a box (or a box of boxes) of them wrapped. I like the taste of these and they are perfect when I am too lazy to put together an afternoon snack or need something to tide me over until a later breakfast with friends. I really don’t think you can go wrong with these as stocking stuffers.

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