Healthy Pregnancy – 38 Weeks


How far along? 38 weeks.

Baby Size: A pumpkin!

Weight gain: 22lbs

Maternity clothes? Workout capris & shorts, and maternity clothes.

Belly Button in or out? Out

Best moment this week: His little hand was sticking out and Pat was able to put his hand over the baby’s hand. It was neat.

Miss Anything? Running. I did my last “run” on Wednesday, and will be walking and lifting for the remainder of my pregnancy.

Movement: He had a three-hour party a few nights ago and it was boisterous. Other days, he is very quiet with a few squirms here and there.

Food cravings: I have eaten a lot of pineapple this week.

Gender: Boy!

Looking forward to: Today’s doctor’s appointment & meeting our little guy. We’re all ready to bring him home!

Throughout my pregnancy, there were different products I tried for my health or comfort. Some I liked, some I did not, but these five were products that I absolutely loved:unnamed-3

  1. Belly Band – This was amazing, especially for that transition phase where I was too bloated and big to comfortably fit in my regular clothes, but still way too small to fit into maternity clothes. I could still wear my regular jeans, I simply put the band over where the button and fly are, and it gave me more wiggle room. I was pretty skeptical, at first, that this would keep my pants up, but it worked wonders. I will also be able to use it postpartum to wear non-maternity clothes, before my body fits back into my regular clothes comfortably.
  2. Baobei Belly Sports BraI regret not getting one of these earlier in my pregnancy. I have run through most of my pregnancy, and around the third trimester I began feeling pelvic pain. I assumed this had more to do with stride and I would simply have to stop running. My belly never felt uncomfortable, or like it even moved, so I was skeptical about trying the belly sports bra. Finally, around week 33 I got one, and as soon as I started wearing it, my pelvic pain disappeared! In terms of the sizing, if you have an athletic build (i.e. you usually have to go up a pants size because your legs and butt are so strong), I would advise going by your dress size. At 33 weeks, it was a big loose on me, going by my pre-pregnancy pant size. When I tried the smaller size, it still fits well, even at 38 weeks.
  3. My Buskins Pants I have never worn a more comfortable pair of leggings in my life. These are not even designed for pregnancy, but these were my go-to pants because I could wear them with flip-flops, as well as boots. They are not see-through (which is a shockingly difficult feat in women’s leggings!), and they might be more comfortable than yoga pants. They have been very accommodating to my expanding belly, but I will be able to wear them post partum.
  4. Quest Bars – These have been a great emergency snack for me to keep in my purse. They are high in protein, so they keep me filled until my next meal. The s’mores is my favorite when I can put it in the toaster oven. This has also been a great way for me to have a dessert once in a while, without filling up on loads of sugar and sugar substitutes. That means no sugar hangover the next morning. Other favorites of mine are brownie, and cookies & cream.
  5. Camelbak Electrolyte Tablets – I typically have no problem staying hydrated, but the last month or so I have had a much more difficult time consuming enough liquid. These electrolyte tablets have been a solid solution for me. I do not drink juice because of all the sugar in it, but I need some extra flavor for my water lately. The ingredients in these tablets are less offensive than juices, and even many other electrolyte drinks, including a lack of aspartame. The extra electrolytes are good for all of the extra sweating I’m doing now that I am a walking furnace. My favorite flavor is Raspberry Lime. I avoid the flavors that have caffeine (they are labeled, “with energy”).

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