Healthy Pregnancy – 34 Weeks

unnamed-3How far along? 34 Weeks

Baby Size: A butternut squash

Weight gain: 18.5lbs

Maternity clothes? Not only am I committed to maternity clothes at this point, I have pretty much one pair of pants that I wear consistently (besides workout pants of course).

Belly Button in or out? You can see it through two layers (shirt and hoodie).

Best moment this week: We finished setting up the baby’s room!

unnamed-4Miss Anything? I actually feel like my energy levels are pretty solid, and I have always had to get up to pee during the night, so that has not hindered my sleep very much. I am having another week of not really missing anything!

Movement: He’s pretty active in general, but some days he’s squirming from when I wake up until when I fall asleep.

Food cravings: I think I am finally over my cereal cravings. I have not had any major cravings this week (Between no cravings and not missing anything, I am pretty boring this week!).

Gender: Boy!

Looking forward to: Today’s doctor’s appointment and hearing the baby’s heartbeat!

Last weekend we went to the beach with a couple of friends. While we were sitting there, one of the women with us said, “I’m really glad you are wearing a bikini.” It was such a genuine and empowering comment, yet, as always, it got me thinking.

It frustrates me that this day in age there is still so much scrutiny over women’s bodies, to the point where it can be controversial to wear a bikini at 8 months pregnant. If there is an overweight male roaming around in a bathing suit, no one bats an eye. Yet, every woman is under scrutiny in her bathing suit, regardless of her body. If she is small, she is told she is too skinny and should eat more. If she is larger, it is frowned upon for her to be in a two piece, or sometimes a bathing suit altogether! Many people have told me they are not comfortable being in a bikini in public while pregnant. While the physical discomfort of a bikini, or any bathing suit, is a great reason not to wear it, it saddens me that there are so many social and mental discomforts that come with a day at the beach or going to the pool.

Here is why I hope to still wear bathing suits, not only through pregnancy, but even after the baby is born. Bodies are not designed with the intent of being aesthetically pleasing. They are built to complete awesome feats. The feats my body has accomplished include athletic feats, as well as building a human! Furthermore, at 8 months pregnant, if it is hot enough for me to go to the beach, it is too hot for me to be in anything besides a bikini. A one piece would be too uncomfortable to me, and a tankini or cover up is just too much fabric for that kind of heat on top of how much heat my body is producing. For me, comfort has always carried more weight than fashion/dressing in a socially acceptable manner.

What do you think? Should pregnant women avoid bikinis/bathing suit situations while pregnant? If you have avoided wearing a bathing suit while pregnant, is it because you were physically uncomfortable, or socially uncomfortable?

3 thoughts on “Healthy Pregnancy – 34 Weeks

  1. You should be comfortable. Never mind what others think – they can decide for themselves on what they want to wear. As an older woman, I’ve gotten looks on my vivid purple hair streak but I like it so too bad!

  2. I personal didn’t feel comfortable in a bikini when I was pregnant (and not always after), but I say more power to ya if you are. Everyone should go with their comfort levels and not be swayed by society’s “views”.

    1. Agreed! I want to raise our little guy to make decisions based on what makes him comfortable, not what he thinks society will deem appropriate. The best way for us to teach him that, is to live that way ourselves.

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