Healthy Pregnancy – 33 Weeks

unnamed-3How far along? 33 Weeks

Baby Size: A Durian

Weight gain: 19lbs

Maternity clothes? Fully committed to maternity clothes at this point.

Belly Button in or out? So far out.

Best moment this week: Running a 5k. It was awesome how excited random people get to see a pregnant woman exercising. There was a lot of cheering and excitement from random people. It was also nice to have an active Valentine’s Day hiking in Ojai and exploring a little bit.

Crossing 5K Finish Line 32 Weeks +3 Days Pregnant
Crossing 5K Finish Line 32 Weeks +3 Days Pregnant


Miss Anything? Air. In the past three days I have officially hit the point where my lungs are no longer my own.

Movement: He is a very squirmy little guy, particularly when I first wake up and right before bed.

Food cravings: I am still into my cereal (Fiber One and Rice Biscuits).

Gender: Boy!

Looking forward to: Finishing up the final touches on that baby’s room! I am pretty sure we should be able to finish it up this week.

Active Valentine's Days
Active Valentine’s Days

Exercise and Pregnancy

Though I have touched on this before, as a fitness professional, I find it important to discuss the benefits of exercising while pregnant. Though more women seem to be staying active while pregnant, there is still a lot of misinformation circulating about the need for women to sit back and kick their feet up while pregnant.

Exercise during pregnancy helps to alleviate many of the common ailments, such as sleeplessness, backaches, and energy. Since exercise helps with circulation, it can prevent the fun effects of constipation, hemorrhoids, swelling, & leg cramps.

Exercising during pregnancy can also improve mood by releasing endorphins and decreasing those erratic mood swings we all experience. I can say without a doubt that, when I was prevented from doing much exercise for seven weeks, I was much moodier than I am now that I can partake in my regular exercise routine. Exercise will also improve your self-image, which will help put most people in a better mood!

Finally, many studies have found that being in shape helps with childbirth! Since that is the inevitable outcome of pregnancy, it seems logical to prepare your body for such a long task. Though it does not decrease the pain, women who are in shape tend to have a shorter labor, are less exhausted, and have fewer medical interventions. Though this is not a hard and fast real, studies have shown a correlation between fitness and smoother labors.

When exercising during pregnancy, check with your doctor first to make she/he has no concerns. Once you are given the green light, it is safe to do the exercises that you were doing pre-pregnancy, for as long as you are comfortable. The “for as long as you are comfortable” part is important. When I got pregnant, I stopped doing box jumps, because I simply was not comfortable with doing them while pregnant. It was something I was positive I would misstep on and end up tripping and hitting my abdomen. Now that I am later in my pregnancy, I am getting to the point where I will likely switch out swimming for running. I am finding that my pubis bone becomes more uncomfortable on the days after I run. Though my doctor says that discomfort there is normal, it is not comfortable for me and I do not want to risk a permanent injury that will prevent me from running after the baby is born.

During exercise, be sure that you are not overheating. Keep your temperature below 101 to avoid any affects of the baby’s development. One method is to sing/talk while you workout. If you can still sing or talk then your heart rate and oxygen levels are in a safe place. When you exercise, the blood flow in your body shifts away from your internal organs, including your uterus, in order to fuel your muscles, and give your lungs and heart more oxygen. Doing this at the right level helps the baby to prepare for labor, but diverting too much oxygen from the uterus is not safe.

Workouts To Try:

Perform as a circuit, 3-5 times based on your fitness level, :30-2:00 breaks:

  • Box step-up with dumbbells – 15
  • Bicep curl – 12
  • Weighted Squats – 15
  • Shoulder press – 12
  • Side lunge – 20

Perform each exercise for 1:00 for 5 rounds. Take breaks as needed.

  • Walking lunge
  • Push-ups
  • Reverse lunge
  • Tricep dips
  • Squat
  • Plank to push-up (modify as your belly grows)

**Always remember to warm-up before you workout, and to stretch when you have finished. Be sure to listen to your body and take breaks as needed.**

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