Healthy Pregnancy – 31 Weeks

unnamed-3How far along? 31 Weeks.

Baby Size: A coconut

Weight gain: Not sure – about 17lbs I think.

Maternity clothes? I am rocking maternity clothes, and I also bought the most comfortable, best fitting pants of my life this week. They are super comfy, fit over my pregnant belly, and are long enough for me (don’t worry short people, they would be a good length for you too!).

Belly Button in or out? Forever out.

Best moment this week: I was able to get in what will probably be my last four mile run of the pregnancy. It was a decent pace and I felt great! I also got to help out at the Surf-City Marathon this weekend, and it felt great to be surrounded by runners since I will not be running a half marathon this February.unnamed-4

Miss Anything? There are definitely times when I miss certain things, but for the most part, this week I am just so happy to be carrying this little guy around with me and love feeling him squirm around that I forget about some of the luxuries of not being pregnant.

Movement: He’s so squirmy. I love that I can feel him moving even when I am standing now.unnamed-5

Food cravings: Cereal has been my big thing recently. I try to get the really bland cereals so I can avoid all of the added sugar, but it is still hard to find a cereal that does not have many ingredients.

Gender: Boy!

Looking forward to: Our 5k next weekend!

A lot of people have been asking me for how long into my pregnancy I will run. My research and my doctors have green lighted me to run as long as I am not experiencing discomfort. I certainly listen to my body day-to-day, and there are days that I do not run because it does not feel comfortable. Pre-pregnancy I dedicated my workouts to becoming as strong as possible so that as I scaled my workouts, I would still remain strong and feel like my body had not completely abandoned me.

Some of my future posts will focus on ways to maintain posture throughout and after pregnancy. I will also be working on a post discussing diastasis recti, including ways to prevent it, as well as ways to recover should this happen to you. In the meantime, here is a workout you can do to work on the muscles that assist with posture.unnamed-6

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