Healthy Pregnancy – 30 Weeks

unnamed-3 How far along? 30 Weeks.

Baby Size: Butternut Squash

Weight gain: 16lbs

Maternity clothes? I have given in to the maternity side of things, though I still wear my yoga pants a lot.

Belly Button in or out? This week my doctor pushed my belly button in, then told me “don’t worry, it will go back in.” Sorry sir, but it will never be all the way in.

Best moment this week: My beautiful West coast baby shower. It is amazing how much excitement people shower you with over an unborn baby. It was nice.

Miss Anything? Having a functional brain. Please tell me I am not the only pregnant person who not only lost the ability to remember words, but who has also lost the ability to remember anything or functionally complete a task. I know it is because of the hormones, but this is crazy!

Movement: I just love feeling all of his movement.

Food cravings: I have not necessarily been craving anything, but my impulse control is way down. I did have some of the best pancakes ever this weekend though.

Gender: Boy!

Looking forward to: Spending the next few weeks getting his room set up and really preparing the house for his arrival.

Though there are times where I find it frustrating to be so tired, or to feel like my brain no longer works, I forget how easy my pregnancy has been compared to many. We have started our birthing classes, and hearing/seeing how difficult pregnancy is for others makes me grateful how mine has gone. I definitely attribute a large portion of this to working really hard before and during pregnancy to be fit and eat healthy. Sometimes though, circumstances do not care how hard you have worked, and luck takes over.

We really lucked out that my placenta moved up. If it had not, I could potentially be on bed rest, and I would certainly not be able to run or lift much at this point. The placenta is not influenced by your health. It is a completely random (albeit uncommon) situation for it to be covering the cervix, and has nothing to do with how fit or healthy the body is.

8463af5751d1f9f4454aa4e08cdb3ac9There are many other ailments that, even if they are common, are not always influenced by fitness and health. So, while I believe that maintaining fitness and health is extremely important before, during, and after pregnancy, it is not always possible. As long as you can distinguish the difference between an excuse (which being pregnant is not!) and a medical necessity to rest, you will have the healthiest pregnancy that you were meant to have. Do not forget, just because you cannot exercise (i.e. restrictions or bed rest) does not mean you cannot eat healthy. What you put into your body is exponentially more important than exercise alone.


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