Healthy Pregnancy – 26 Weeks


How far along? 26 Weeks

Baby Size: An eggplant. He was about 1lb 13oz on Monday, so he is probably over two pounds now!

Weight gain: 10.5lbs. Double digits!

Maternity clothes? The belly band is working out still, but probably only for a few more weeks. Most of my tops are maternity at this point.

Belly Button in or out? Out.

Best moment this week: Seeing our little guy at the ultrasound Monday. We were able to get a 3D close up of his adorable face.

Miss Anything? Sleep. I still sleep OK, but I miss deep sleep for several hours at a time.

Movement: A lot, and often. I usually feel him when I first wake up, and just before lunch and bed. Some days I can feel him burrowing down my abdomen.

Food cravings: Nothing this week, though there has been so much delicious food around that my palette has been happy.

Gender: Active baby boy!

Looking forward to: Our doctor’s appointment today to find out how everything is going, and to see if the placenta has moved at all.

This week I went to a specialist to monitor my blood sugar. Testing for gestational diabetes is important because some women who are seemingly healthy end up having gestational diabetes. According to Mayo Clinic, if gestational diabetes is not properly managed, the baby may be at increased risk of excessive birth weight, preterm birth and respiratory distress syndrome, low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), or type 2 diabetes. Complications for Mom can include high blood pressure and preeclampsia, and future diabetes.

I agree with the value of screening for gestational diabetes; however, I am not onboard with the Glucola prescribe to drink for the challenge. The second ingredient is dextrose, followed by food starch modified, soybean oil, and a slew of other ingredients that I cannot pronounce. I have spent the past two years avoiding food that contains ingredients I cannot pronounce (basically I avoid processed food). This is a product I would want to avoid if I were not pregnant, so I am definitely not willing to expose my unborn baby to the ingredients in it. To me, it is the equivalent of drinking soda. I see no nutritional value in consuming either beverage.Glucola

In lieu of ingesting this processed beverage, I asked my doctor if I could simply monitor my sugar levels at home. This was not easy to come by, as I had difficulty explaining my stance to some of the doctors in the group practice where I am being seen for care. Initially, when I asked about my options, I was informed that, “There are no good alternatives”. I began my crusade early in the pregnancy knowing it would be an uphill battle. At my next appointment, instead of asking for my options, which I was not given previously, I walked in with a game plan. I told my doctor I was not willing to drink the Glucola, but I would be willing to monitor my sugar levels at home with the schedule of a doctor, or any option he saw more fit that did not include consuming Glucola or processed fruit juice in general.

I have been monitoring my sugar levels at home with ease, and the numbers look promising. I am glad I stood up for my right to alternative medical treatment and was able to find information on how to be smart about gestational diabetes without consuming something that did not align with my values. It is important to research what you do not understand or try to find good alternatives for treatment that makes you uncomfortable.




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