Healthy Pregnancy – 25 Weeks


How far along? 25 Weeks

Baby Size: A head of cauliflower. He could be as big as 2.5lbs!

Weight gain: 8.5lbs

Maternity clothes? I’m still holding strong with the belly band and yoga pants. I dabble in maternity clothes though.

Belly Button in or out? Out.

Best moment this week: Pat being able to hear his heartbeat without a Doppler or stethoscope!

Miss Anything? Energy. I enjoyed my 8 weeks of energy, but I am back to exhausted all the time.

Movement: A ton! Our guy is a mover and groover. I can even feel him sometimes when I a standing. He is getting so strong!

Food cravings: Curry is a big hit still, and I am gravitating toward shrimp more.

Gender: Boy

Looking forward to: This afternoon’s ultrasound!

I was told this week, from first hand experience, that not only do your legs get extremely tired from labor and delivery, but your arms also get quite the workout! Gripping the bed rails when you push and holding yourself up during the delightful contractions I am assuming are some of the reasons your arms get so sore and tired. This week I put together a few total body exercises to get ready for the marathon of labor and delivery!

Workout 1

100 Squats with kettlebell

100 Kettlebell swings

100 Plank shoulder taps (I did modified planks)


Workout 2

Push-ups 12×3

Shoulder press 12×3

Bicep curl 12×3

AMRAP – 10 minutes

5 Medicine ball thrusters

10 Medicine ball slams

15 Kettlebell swings


Workout 3

3-5 rounds (depending on fitness level)

Bent over row – 12

Weighted side lunges – 20

Tricep dips – 12

Weighted squats – 15

Overhead weight to alternating knee march – 30

Be sure to warm-up before each workout, as well as cool down and stretch afterward. Also, add in some additional cardio such as walking, swimming, or anything you are cleared for that you enjoy.

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