Healthy Pregnancy – 23 Weeks

unnamed-1 How far along? 23 Weeks

Baby Size: A grapefruit (The Bump). Baby boy is a full pound! He is projected to double in size in the next four weeks.

Weight gain: 4.5lbs

Maternity clothes? I’m really into the belly band right now.

Belly Button in or out? Out.

Best moment this week: Hearing our little man’s heartbeat this morning (staying strong at 155 bpm), as well as hearing his kicks on the Doppler and feeling them jab into the Doppler.

Miss Anything? Not really.

Movement: Very active, especially right before bed. He is getting strong, as Pat is able to feel him more often now.

Food cravings: This week I was pretty into guacamole.

Gender: Boy

Looking forward to: Seeing our little guy again in two weeks when we go in for another ultrasound. I’m not thrilled about low lying placenta, but I do enjoy all the ultrasounds we get to have!

1 Week of Growth!Has anyone else had some really wild dreams while pregnant? Mine are so terrifying and outrageous, it is as though I have tracker jacker venom running through my veins as I sleep. One of my dreams included my pregnant self in the midst of a medical emergency, stating that I need to go to the emergency room, and everyone around me losing focus and downplaying the significance of the emergency. Clearly these dreams are an exaggerated version of my own fears, but that does not make them feel any less awful. So why do pregnancy dreams seem to be even more haywire than everyday dreams?

Obstetrician Dr. Gerard DiLeo, MD, explains that dreams act as a clearinghouse to help expectant mothers come to terms with both the physical and emotional transformation they are experiencing. “For first-time mothers especially, the bizarre dreams are a very real acknowledgement of the emotional investment of a pregnancy,” says Dr. DiLeo.

Raina M. Paris, breaks pregnancy dreams down into the three trimesters as such:

First Trimester Dreams

Early pregnancy dreams often revolve around the pregnant woman’s past. Childhood homes and old lovers often figure prominently. These dreams are a way to clear up any unresolved issues. Standard themes during this time are dreams of vulnerability, often symbolized through nakedness, and dreams with a protective and territorial quality.

Second Trimester Dreams

The middle of pregnancy is when the woman begins to get a sense of the baby as a real person, and the bonding process between mother and child begins in earnest. Both water and animal themes figure prominently in second trimester dreams. For example, the woman may dream she is a whale or dolphin in the ocean, swimming alongside her child.

The second trimester is also prime time for anxiety dreams, reflecting a woman’s concerns as to whether or not she’ll be a good mother. These dreams often involve leaving the baby somewhere or having a baby born deformed or severely undersized.

Charles McPhee, who runs (a website devoted to uncovering the meaning of dreams), emphasizes that such “maternal instinct” dreams are not premonitions of a woman’s parenting abilities. “These dreams simply reflect that you are a caring mother,” says McPhee. “You are so dedicated to your children that you are worrying about them even in your sleep!”

Third Trimester Dreams

Nature is a common theme in third-trimester dreams, and the imagery can be quite powerful—volcanoes erupt, dams burst, and tidal waves roll. Such dreams represent the impending birth and act as a dress rehearsal for the labor and delivery. Many women actually dream of the entire birthing process. And it is not uncommon for movie stars to suddenly appear in dreams during this time, a reflection of the starring role the woman is playing in her own life.”

If you are further interested in deciphering your dreams, check out this A-Z pregnancy dream guide!


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