Healthy Pregnancy 2 – 28 Weeks

How far along? 28 Weeks – Hello 3rd trimster!

Baby Size: An Egglplant

Weight gain: 26lbs. I think some of this is water retention from flying yesterday. I’ll keep an eye this week and see how it goes.

Maternity clothes? Yes. I found some cute skinny jeans so I can feel like a human. Otherwise, workout shorts and tanks for me!

Belly Button in or out? Out

Best moment this week: Having our last flight as a family of 3! It was tiring, so I can only imagine how tiring it will be next year with two!

Miss Anything? I really miss leaning over my son’s crib. I like to be able to lean over and comfort him.

Movement: He’s quite active, especially at night. Dad has been able to feel tons of movement this week.

Food cravings: I have been really into veggie sandwiches this week. Gotta get those vitamins I guess!

Gender: Boy number 2!

Looking forward to: Normal hunger signals. I am back to feeling full until I am famished. There is no in between. I hate that!

Eats & Workouts In Seattle

This past week my husband and I packed up our little guy and headed out to Seattle for a family trip. It was our last flight with an only child and I think that made me a little calmer for all of his shenanigans. Is that weird? We arrived on Thursday late afternoon. Since it was a noon flight, I got up in the morning to get in a run before packing up the car for the airport. I mentioned last week, I will not longer be doing outdoor runs, so I wanted to make sure I got in at least one run before we left in case there were no treadmills at the hotel.

We started the trip off right by grabbing some brunch at Root Down while at the airport. I have been dying to try this place, and it lived up to all the hype. I got eggs benedict on gluten free bread with a side of arugula salad. It was the perfect amount of food and SO good. I made sure to pack snacks, including homemade blueberry muffins, sweet potato pancakes, and Quest bars for the flight. The blueberry muffins came in handy for our little guy. Once we arrived in Seattle, we checked into our hotel then walked to meet a friend for dinner at Searious Pie & Biscuit. I typically eat gluten free for sensitivity reasons. This restaurant didn’t have much in the way of gluten free options so I ordered a salad with prosciutto.

On Friday we all woke up together. I went down to the gym for a quick 20-minute Fitness With Kristen Bathing Suit Challenge workout while the boys had the hotel provided breakfast. I was done in 25 minutes, so I stopped by the breakfast room to grab some fruit. I brought my protein powder with me, as well as my BCAAs. I had my BCAAs during my workout, then had a protein shake + banana 30 minutes after my workout (we were planning on brunch soon thereafter). Once I got back to the room we all went to the pool to splash around a bit before heading to brunch at Portage Bay Café. I cannot say enough good things about this place. I was going to order the hash, but changed my mind last minute for an omelet with crab, avocado, and veggies. The omelet was SO GOOD, but my husband ordered the hash and I was hugely disappointed that I missed out. It had a TON of veggies that were cooked perfectly, some corn beef (you could choose what meat you wanted), topped with two eggs. Thankfully, he couldn’t finish the whole thing, so I got to eat it for leftovers on Sunday. We spent the afternoon being tourists at Pike Place, then had some late appetizers at Local 360, which was decent. They had a lot of gluten free options, but we went at a weird time, so there was not as much to choose from. I ordered chicken wings and mussels. They were no PEI mussels, but the wings were really good. That night for dinner we ordered from a local hole in the wall, where I got a chicken pesto sandwich with tomatoes.

We spent Friday night at our friend’s place, so Saturday I did some MetCons first thing in the morning then we all went for a long walk. We had brunch at Capitol Cider, which was also amazing. I had snacked in the morning, but I was pretty hangry by time we arrived. I ordered beef hash which had kale, sweet potato, and a bunch of other veggies, topped with poached eggs + zucchini bread French toast. I cannot even describe how amazing this was. We went for a lake walk in a park nearby (I have no idea what it was called) then went to a brewery. We picked up lunch from Homegrown on our way there. I ordered a cobb salad and spent a lot of the time chasing our toddler around. That night our friends made dinner and it was unbelievable. It was rice, beans, avocado, cherry tomatoes, salad lettuce, and a sauce called “yummy dressing” which had no dairy or gluten. It was sooooo good and I probably could have eaten 10 bowls.

On Sunday we had a lazy morning, watching TV and hanging out. My breakfast started early with the leftover hash from Friday. Later in the morning our friends made bomb smoothies and I had some apples and peanut butter with my little guy. Once we packed up and left, we went out to West Seattle and I got some gluten free pork tacos from Marination Ma Kai. It was loaded with red cabbage slaw and was delicious. The pork was a little dry for me, but I almost always feel that way about pork, which is why I don’t eat it often. We drove around and explored the area for a while, before heading out to see family. They made us a nutritious homemade dinner of crockpot chicken, salad, rice, sautéed broccoli, and fruit. Even though we had been eating pretty healthy, it was still nice to enjoy a nutritious home cooked meal.

Monday morning we woke up back at a hotel, and went straight to breakfast. I was starving upon waking so I had sausage, eggs, and a gluten free bagel before heading in to do my workout. For my workout on Monday, I grabbed some heavy weights and did the following:

Circuit x3

  • Bosu Squat – 10
  • Bicep Curl – 10
  • Bosu Reverse Lunge – 10 each side
  • Ovehead press – 10

Lateral Raises – 10×3

Superset x3

  • Chest fly – 12
  • Seated 90 degree shoulder raise – 10

Tricep Extensions – 10

Afterward, I refueled with my final serving of protein powder mixed into water. I met the boys at the pool where they had made friends with another child with a football. They were having a great time and it was so fun to watch. We took a ferry over to Bainbridge Island later in the morning. I ordered a bacon & veggie sandwich from Fork and Spoon. It was OK, but definitely the largest gluten free bread I have come across. We also found an awesome gluten free bakery where I got a morning glory muffin, which had shredded carrots and sunflower seeds in it. I snacked on it throughout the afternoon, but it was definitely the most sugary thing I ate all week. We had some fun at the children’s museum, with a brief break to drive around and let the little one sleep. We went out to eat at Razzi’s Pizza where I ordered a side salad with a gluten free gyro pizza. Honestly, neither were great. The gyro meat gave me heartburn.

Tuesday was our last day to gallivant, but we had a very sick toddler in tow by this point. The boys went to breakfast again while I went down for a run. I was going to do 3 miles, but I was so worried about my little guy so I cut it short at 1.5 miles. I went to the breakfast room after where I had a gluten free bagel, eggs, sausage, and a banana. I would prefer some veggies or berries in the morning, but that’s what I had to work with before sugar loaded breakfast foods (cereal, cinnamon rolls, flavored yogurt, etc). We drove around to explore for a while before meeting family at Maggie Bluffs. It was right on the water and had a really fun vibe. I was happy to see they had gluten free options. I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich that came with fresh mozzarella, sweet basil, tomatoes, and a creamy pesto. I ordered a split pea salad with it, but it was too much food so I didn’t get to that. We spent some extra time with family, then hit up Whole Foods for some travel snacks. We picked up Enjoy Life bars, Be Good bars, and some crackers made with almond flour. Dinner that night was at the hotel restaurant during happy hour. I had duck bacon skins and shrimp tacos. I definitely would have enjoyed some more vegetable options on my last day.

We had a blast on our trip, I got to exercise without taking time away from my family, and I enjoyed delicious food without making myself sick or sacrificing my fitness goals. We love to travel and I have no interest in sacrificing my fun for some diet. I also have no interest in sacrificing my health or sanity for travel. The balance took me a long time to find, but I feel confident that baby and I still consumed a lot of nutrients on this trip, and still had a good dose of exercise without sacrificing family time.

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