Healthy Pregnancy 2 – 20 Weeks

How far along? 20 Weeks WHOOOOAAA WE’RE HALFWAY THERE!

Baby Size: According to “The Bump” baby is the size of a banana.

Weight gain: We are traveling so I haven’t checked my weight this week.

Maternity clothes? Leggings are still my jam. I think I will invest in some maternity running pants/capries.

Belly Button in or out? Out

Best moment this week: Feeling baby kick more, and getting in some outdoor runs!

Miss Anything? Since I have been able to run outside this week, and felt so great after, I am missing that a lot!

Movement: I’m starting to feel movement more frequently, but it’s still light.

Food cravings: I have been loving nectarines! Otherwise we have been eating some really nutritious food this week, which I will share below.

Gender: We found out last week we have another boy on the way!

Looking forward to: Feeling stronger kicks and watching the belly continue to grow.

What I Am Eating And Food Value

This week I have been visiting family in Illinois. We have been cooking some delicious meals, including ribs, pumpkin chili, and homemade pizza. My goal for eating during pregnancy is to eat as many whole, vitamin rich foods as possible. I want a lot of flavor, but I want to make sure I am giving our baby everything he needs to grow strong and healthy.

When I eat I have found that unless I am working out first thing in the morning, having fats, and carbs energize me best. Fats help with satiety, so having a responsible amount at breakfast energizes me for the day. After my workouts I usually have a protein heavy meal with some carbs to replenish my glycogen stores and repair my muscles. I have also been having an electrolyte water and BCAAs each day, mostly to assist with hydration. Finally, I focus on protein before bed and that has helped me to remain full throughout the night instead of waking up starving at 1AM! Below is a typical day of eating for me, distinguishing my pre-workout between if I run or if I do a circuit first thing in the morning.

  • Pre-workout (run) – 2 Gluten Free Waffles – I have been loving kashi lately (carbs) with peanut butter (fats), banana (vitamins & carbs), and a little agave (carbs). This gives me some fast digesting carbs for immediate energy to put toward my run.
  • Pre-workout (FWK circuit) – BCAAs
  • Post workout breakfast – PB&J overnight oats (vitamins, fats & carbs) with 1 Scoop protein powder (protein)
  • Lunch – Leftover homemade pepperoni and veggie pizza (vitamins, fats, protein, carbs) with a side of brussel sprouts (carbs, vitamins & fats from oil)
  • Snack – Decaf latte – extra foamy (fats & carbs from milk), orange (vitamins & carbs), and egg casserole – probably 2 pieces (vitamins, protein, carbs, and some fats).
  • Dinner – Pumpkin Chili (carbs, fats, protein) with riced cauliflower (vitamins & minimal carbs), shredded cheese (fats), Greek yogurt (protein, some carbs), and homemade biscuit (fats)
  • Snack – Greek yogurt (protein, some carbs), heated frozen blueberries (vitamins & carbs), 1TBSP Protein powder (protein… and flavor), and a sprinkle of gluten free cereal (carbs)

As you can see, I put how I see the food as I put it on my plate. I wrote where I see vitamin value, and which macronutrients I see being consumed from each meal. This is not tracked or plugged into a calculator, so there will be a few places where other macronutrients are in that meal (for example peanut butter does have carbs and protein as well), this is simply how I view my food as I look at my meals. I try to keep my meals fairly balanced, ensuring to get vitamins at most meals. I know most people don’t see their food this way, but understanding the value of my food has taken the stress out of eating well. I can see the function each meal serves for my body (and now for my growing baby). I focus on getting vitamins at most meals, and again, getting a well rounded diet of each macronutrient.

If you are wondering how much of each macronutrient you should be consuming you can begin with the NASM recommendation for macronutrient distribution, which is as follows:

  • Protein – 10-35% of total daily calories
  • Carbs – 45-65% of total daily calories
  • Fats – 20-35% of total daily calories

This will give you a base to start, and you can play around within those ranges to figure out what works best for YOUR body.

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