Healthy Pregnancy 2 – 14 Weeks

How far along? 14 Weeks

Baby Size: According to “The Bump” baby is the size of a peach. According to last week’s ultrasound, baby is measuring 10 days larger.

Weight gain: 3.5lbs

Maternity clothes? I’m still rocking leggings and huge sweaters. Spring will be fun when it’s not longer sweater weather and everyone notices this giant bump!

Belly Button in or out? Out

Best moment this week: Starting to feel better and get to run longer distances (I have built up to three miles, let’s not get crazy here).

Miss Anything? Hunger signals. I mostly feel super full until I am dying of starvation. I miss the in-between stage.

Movement: Last week I felt a flutter, but not much this week.

Food cravings: No cravings yet.

Gender: We should find out in about 4 weeks!

Looking forward to: Watching the bump grow! Baby is already growing much differently than our first born did!

I touched upon this on social media the other day, but I think it is worth reiterating. Let’s chat about the reality of exercising while pregnant and the expectation we set for ourselves based on social media, or society in general.

There seem to be polarized view out there, for anyone searching for information, and I land somewhere in the middle of that. I notice that people think you should always be working out hard during your pregnancy, no excuses, or that people quit exercising all together. I also notice many women putting pressure on themselves to be able to do in pregnancy what they were doing pre-pregnancy. It just doesn’t work that way. Some people can keep up with what they were doing pre-pregnancy, but your body is changing so much I would think it is more the exception than the rule. Instead, it is more important to simply do some kind of activity for the health of you and your baby. It does not have to be the same activity or intensity as you were doing pre-pregnancy.

In my 1st trimester I would post to social media that I was running, but was very careful not to post distances or times. I wanted to remain as active as I could, but I did not want to give indication that I was pregnant until we were ready to announce. So even though my runs were shorter and slower, since there was a post that I was running it probably seemed like I was running a ton.

Pre-pregnancy (probably as far back as pre miscarriage) I was comfortably running around 8:00 miles and racing in the 7:40 range for longer distances. Once we got to elevation I had to rebuild my base. Just as I felt I had a good base I began cramping and getting dizzy early in my runs. That’s when I knew I was pregnant.

Now that my body is adjusting a bit to elevation and pregnancy I’m able to build my base again, though it seems to only be on the treadmill. My paces now at sea level are around 10:20 per mile, and here at elevation they are closer to 11:20 per mile. That’s almost 4 minutes slower per mile than pre-pregnancy!

I share this with you as a reminder that many of us have to slow down for pregnancy and that’s fine. There are even some professional runners who stop running in pregnancy because it’s uncomfortable. Don’t force it. Don’t get discouraged by what you see on social media. Instead, focus on what you CAN do. Get in some prenatal yoga or some weight lifting. Whatever your body is responding to. Exercise is important in pregnancy (as OK’d by doctor) but there is no reason to kill yourself over doing what you were pre-pregnancy. It’s not a competition. Exercise is for baby and mom’s health. You don’t have to be superwoman when you’re pregnant. You already are superwoman, because you are literally growing a person.

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