Healthy Pregnancy – 19 Weeks


How far along? 19 Weeks

Baby Size: A mango; about 6 inches and 8.5 ounces (The Bump app).

Weight gain: I am at a net gain of 2.5 lbs, all this week! The baby has done a lot of growing this week as I have also gained an inch in my belly over the week!

Maternity clothes? I have pretty much conceded that maternity clothes are the most hassle free. I still have one pair of bigger jeans I can wear, and yoga pants and dresses are still key.

Belly Button in or out? Halfie.

Best moment this week: Feeling movement outside my body. I was resting my hand on my abdomen and the baby knocked it away!

Miss Anything? Running

Movement: I have been feeling movement each day since last week.

Food cravings: Nothing major this week, although I did get to have some homemade beef stew a la Mom. Nature must have known this was the week the baby was going through a growth spurt because I finally had enough energy to cook everyday and really prepare some food for the week.

Baby Building Food
Baby Building Food

Gender: Hopefully we find out today! It feels like Christmas morning.

Looking forward to: Seeing our baby jump around today.


Should People Comment On A Pregnant Woman’s Weight Gain?

I vote no, unless you are the woman’s doctor. Some people may gain a lot of weight in the beginning because the only way for them to not vomit the entire pregnancy is to consistently eat. Others may gain very little weight because they are already overweight and are not recommended to gain much weight, or because they are extremely sick at the beginning of the pregnancy. In my case, I lost a lot of muscle mass, causing the number on the scale to go down, but my baby is still growing big and healthy. There are a slew of medical reasons for a woman not to fall within the recommended targets for weight gain.

Would you go up to a random person and tell them they are too large or too small? Would you tell them they are gaining too much weight? Maybe for your best friend, but otherwise probably not. It is none of your business, so unless you are asked there is no reason to comment on it.

As a person with the sense of touch and sight, I can tell when my body changes in any way shape or form – you do not need to remind me. Furthermore, as a first time expecting Mom, my mind is in overdrive about all the ways I am potentially harming my child, and I am confident I am not the only pregnant woman who does this. Your “helpful” comment about a pregnant woman’s weight gain could send her into a three-day spiral of tears and conviction that she has done irreparable damage to her unborn fetus. Luckily, I have not run into this dilemma too often, but I know many people who have.

Unless you are the doctor of the pregnant woman, the person most likely to know her case and know what is best for her and her baby, it is best to stay away from comments about the amount of weight the woman has gained. Even if you deem your comment well intentioned, you simply are not as well informed as her doctor. Let the doctor take care of that always pleasant topic.

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