Healthy Pregnancy – 17 Weeks

17 Weeks

How far along? 17 Weeks

Baby Size: An onion

Weight gain: I have finally returned to my pre-pregnancy weight. So I am 0 lbs up or down from my original weight.

Maternity clothes? I am rocking anything that is stretchy. Dresses and yoga pants are most comfortable right now. Maternity clothes are still comically large.

Belly Button in or out? Forever sporting a halfie.

Best moment this week: Attending my first wedding where everyone actually knew I was pregnant! It is much easier to have fun when you do not feel the need to spend the wedding defending your choice not to drink and sucking in your stomach!

Wedding fun!
Wedding fun!

Miss Anything? I miss running! And my pre-pregnancy food palette.

Movement: I have yet to feel any movement, but look forward to it in the next few weeks.

Food cravings: I have not been craving much this week. Perhaps those pancakes last week filled my craving quota for a few weeks.

Gender: Only two more weeks until we find out!

Looking forward to: Finding out the sex of the baby, and decorating the nursery.


Why am I writing a pregnancy blog, where I post pictures of my growing belly in a bikini? For most of my life, I always assumed that when a woman became pregnant it was exciting and growing bigger was an accepted and mentally comfortable part of the journey. In recent years I have spoken to many friends and acquaintances only to realize this is not the case. The two groups of thought I have come across are:

1) it is mortifying to grow, even if it is for something as wonderful as growing a human;

2) throw all caution to the wind and eat everything in sight, because pregnancy means eating for two and growing enormous.

Once I noticed the discrepancy, I realized that I did not want to fall into either of those categories. I did not want to abandon healthy habits and grow an unhealthy child (and mother) with the excuse of pregnancy. Moreover, I definitely did not want to be afraid of how big and different my body would be. I wanted to embrace pregnancy, not wallow in it.

As someone who likes to gather most of the available information before I dive into something, I began following a lot of pregnancy blogs. Seeing women embrace their growing baby and body, while maintaining healthy habits, made me really excited to grow. I could not wait for my baby bump to begin growing. Of course, other parts of me are growing as well, but as long as I am eating as healthy as I can, I know that this is how my body is meant to handle pregnancy. Due to the mental preparation and confidence a lot of pregnancy blogs gave me, I decided to share my journey in hopes that other women would also maintain confidence and excitement throughout their pregnancy! I also hope it will remind women that it is possible to be healthy and pregnant.



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