Healthy Pregnancy – 16 Weeks

16 Weeks & Growing!
16 Weeks & Growing!


How far along? 16 Weeks

Baby Size: An Avocado

Weight gain: I am up a little over two pounds from my initial weight loss, but still in the red from my pre-pregnancy weight by almost three pounds. Just another example that the scale is not always the most accurate assessment of your health and fitness!

Maternity clothes? I have moved on to old “fat” clothes and yoga pants. I’m hanging tight in this area for a little while.

Belly Button in or out? Still a halfie.

Best moment this week: I had another doctor’s appointment, and I loved hearing the heartbeat!

Miss Anything? I still miss running, but I am grateful that some of my workout restrictions have been removed.


Movement: So far nothing more than what the ultrasound showed. We are approaching the time when I will be able to feel it.

Food cravings: I was out to lunch this week and after I had ordered a wrap and soup, the person behind me received the pancakes she ordered. I had to have them, so I ordered a batch to go. Luckily, they were multigrain and gluten free, and FULL of blueberries. Better than French fries.

Gender: Just a few more weeks until we find out!

Looking forward to: Incorporating more workouts back into my routine.

This past week we had a little excitement when I fainted in public! Luckily there just happened to be a doctor and a paramedic in the vicinity and they helped me on my way down, and as I recovered.

Fainting is not an uncommon symptom of pregnancy, but it can certainly be scary – especially for those around you. I had eaten my normal breakfast (which usually sustains me for about 3 hours, including a workout) about 2 hours beforehand, and drank about 750 mL of water, leaving me perplexed. When I told my doctor about what happened she seemed unconcerned. The likely culprit for me was low iron, or low blood pressure.

Prior to fainting, I began to get lightheaded, even when I sat down, and really hot. I also started having a ringing in my ears, and the more lightheaded I became, the harder it was to see. The doctor who was there told me that if I feel these symptoms again I should simply lay down and try to put my feet up (this helps the blood find its way back to your head).

What causes fainting in pregnancy?

Low blood sugar is one cause. Due to your baby’s nourishment needs, your body is metabolizing food a bit faster than pre-pregnancy making it extremely important to maintain blood-sugar levels. Eating a donut will spike your sugar levels then they will drop dramatically, whereas eating eggs will keep your levels steady. Even though your body is metabolizing food quicker, the back-up in your digestive track makes it tricky to eat every two to three hours. Even munching on something light should help keep blood-sugar levels steady.

Another culprit is low blood pressure. Women who typically have low blood pressure (90 / 50 to 110 / 60) are at higher risk for fainting. A pregnancy woman’s blood vessels naturally relax and dilate under the influence of progesterone, further lowering her blood pressure. This is likely what happened to me.

There are many other reasons a woman could faint during pregnancy, and the best thing to do is call your doctor after it happens. Knowing you are not alone in fainting can be comforting though.

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