Getting Back Into The Swing of Things

Upside Down ZiplineAfter being gone for ten days on our honeymoon, we are finally back, which means getting back to healthy habits. While on vacation, we stayed active, and I even hit the gym two or three times. I also made sure not to overindulge EVERY day. Though indulging once in a while is certainly human, gorging on buffet food all day and getting wasted every night is still going to be tough on a body that is not used to being treated so harshly.

To get back on track I have made sure to get back to basics. The first thing I did (which has become more necessary as the years roll on), is when possible, allow myself to sleep in the day after I return from travel. This is challenging depending on your work situation. If possible, try to take the day after you return off from work so that your body can recuperate from all of the travel. Even though I slept between eight and twelve hours every night of vacation, my body needed to recover from the different food, alcohol, and travel back. It seems silly, but these things exhaust the body.

The next thing I did was get myself into the gym. I did not enter with some crazy intense workout like usual. I gave myself permission to slowly ease back into working out. I went down slightly in my weights, and took longer breaks than I was before leaving. Beginning tomorrow I am all set up with a written out circuit, as well as a running partner.

Finally, as always, I did my food preparation. I made my usual banana muffins, as well as boiled up a bunch of eggs and cooked up some bacon. That way breakfast is always ready, and tomorrow I can make enough dinner to roll over into lunch on Tuesday. I always ordered more Quest Bars so I would be stocked up for the next several weeks.


Food prep and having a workout in hand when heading to the gym are the simplest ways to meet goals. When you plan ahead, there is less thinking involved when you are tired and want to throw in the towel. It is easier for my to talk myself through a workout that is written down, than one that is jumbled in my head. I also find it easier to talk myself into making healthy choices when they are prepared and ready to take on the go, instead of deciding what to eat and preparing it when I am hungry. “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

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