Fitness Resource Round-Up

If you have been following my blog for a while, you may have noticed that I have been making a few changes. I am working really hard to make more resources available to you, and making this a place for you to come for solid fitness and nutrition information as it fits your LIFESTYLE. I don’t think there is a one-size fits all ruling for how to be healthy. We all have different passions, and we should seek ways to fit those passions into a healthy life.

With that said, I wanted to do a round-up of my favorite fitness resources. 


Whole 30 – When I begin with new clients, or even with members in my online group, nutrition becomes a major topic (as it should). I always advise my clients to focus on what their food has to offer, as opposed to what they cannot eat. For many people, this is simple enough and they can follow that. For others, it feels too vague and overwhelming. I have had several members ask about cleanses and Whole 30 and a few other programs, and I always feel confident recommending Whole 30. Our philosophy is similar in that the goal is to learn what is in the food you are consuming, and finding the value of your food. It is all about finding a lifestyle you can maintain, and Whole 30 sets you up for that success. The author also breaks down many of the side effects you may encounter when you change your eating habits and why they happen. It’s a comprehensible way to set yourself up for a lifetime of health, instead of another diet.


Post Partum

BeyondFit Mom – I went to Kate’s boot camp one time when I was living in North Carolina. It was when she was pregnant with her first son and still working out how to most effectively run the boot camp. Now she runs local boot camps, an online program, and has tons of free resources for women. Her website includes recipes, her journey to bikini competition (without hours of cardio and ice chip diets), and information on hormones and the affect they have on fat loss. She also loves dessert, so there are tons of fat loss friendly dessert recipes. I am drawn to Kate’s resources because we have a similar approach to fitness: you do not have to spend hours working out to get results. Work HARD for a short duration and you will see better results than you had been seeing with moderate intensity, long duration workouts.

The Fit Moms Plan – If you are pregnant, planning to get pregnant, or have already had a child, you definitely want to follow Claire. Diastasis Recti is very common in pregnancy and can be healed. The problem is, most doctors do not even mention it to their patients, let alone know anything about how to properly heal it. Claire has a wealth of knowledge on exercises to do during and after pregnancy to help with DR. She is pre/post natal certified with two kids of her own and shares her fitness journey along the way.

 Crossing The Finish Line 32 Weeks +3 Days Pregnant


NYCRunningmama – Michelle has a husband, two kids, a full-time job, and still trains for marathons like a boss. I have been following her for a few years now, and I always thought she was fast. She has gotten much faster in the last year, but whenever I read her blog, she makes it feel achievable to get better. She is also real about how hard it is balancing family and a hard training cycle, and sometimes she just wants to spend time with her family. She is hands down an elite athlete, but I just love how relatable she seems, and how she shares her workouts.

Katiesfitscript – I love following Katie’s journey because she is not a veteran runner. A lot of running journeys start when these people were in high school, and that is great, but I have only been running for four years. I love to see someone who is a “new” runner who is out there killing it. She wrote about her first 5K and how she swore she would never run again. Now she is training for a full Ironman. She also breaks down everything she does. She writes about her training, her nutrition, self-love, and life. Almost every time I read something she writes I’m like “yes! This is what I have been trying unsuccessfully to put into words!” I found this site to be a great resource during my race training, especially when it came to the nutrition aspect of training.

Did you find this helpful? What other resources would you like me to add?

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