Finding Balance On Vacation

As you can see from my lack of a post on Monday, I really reveled in this holiday and enjoyed some down time. We took a family vacation to the beach, along with our friends who have a kid the same age as our son. So, when I say I took some down time, take that with a grain of salt. Here’s the deal, and I have mentioned this before: I think vacation is important and I think not making your vacation revolve around an obsession with weight or fat loss is important. I also think it is important to be responsible for our goals and our actions. Eating until you are sick is not responsible. Having zero fun on your vacation because you are obsessing about when you will workout or what you will eat is not responsible.

This week I had planned to take Monday completely off from working out, as I had my group doing so because balance. That was tough though since there were so many extra hands around to take care of the kids AND I had a workout partner. So we set aside 25 minutes and had some fun working out. Since we are staying by the beach, and in a very hilly area, I really wanted to run. Not because I HAD to, but because I LOVE to. I did short runs, two on the hills, and one by the beach.

unnamed-1Why are you telling me this Kristen? Should I be balanced and get down on some food and quit working out when I go on vacation or should I track everything I eat and ensure I get in all my workouts when I travel? The answer is neither. Neither of those demonstrate balance. Find something in between.

Here is what a typical day looked like for me:

5:45 – Wake-up and spend a few minutes alone before everyone wakes up! After I had some down time, I started breakfast around 6. I made a breakfast casserole the first day, and banana pancakes (I will post the recipes below) one of the days. I would usually have something small to eat or BCAAs at this point.

6:30 – On a good day, our little guy would sleep until 6:30. Once he was awake, we would change him and let him play out back or in the living room until breakfast was ready.

7:00 – Set the kids up for breakfast then my friend and I duck out to do our workout while the guys eat breakfast with the kids (if it was a workout day – this is how Saturday & Monday went).

7:30 – Workout done! Time for some coffee out back while the kids played.

8:00 – Eat breakfast to refuel 30-60 minutes after workout. Everyone showers and gets dressed, and general clean-up occurs. The kids are probably having another snack in this window.

9:00 – Kids down for nap. All the adults packed up the car for a beach trip. This includes 2985904 snacks for the kids, tons of water, & 8 gallons of sunscreen.

10:30 – Kids are up – time to complete the car pack up and make our trek to the beach.

11:30 – Made it to the beach, everything unpacked, and we are all set up. Our munchkin essentially ate the entire time, while our friend’s daughter ran around. We spent a lot of time shoveling, building sand castles, getting buckets of water, as well as chasing down and carrying a 28lb toddler. My husband brought lunch about 30 minutes after we set up at the beach (burritos from a local favorite).

2:15 – Time to pack the kids up and bring them back to the house for nap. This includes a bath, story time, and rocking.

3:00 – The kids are finally asleep and it’s time for a snack before we prep dinner. I snuck out for a quick run during naptime on Saturday & Monday. I love those hills!

4:00 – Time to get dinner prepped. We bought huge chicken breasts and a ton of veggies. The chicken has been marinating for about two hours, and now the veggies just need to be chopped.

4:30 – Grill is fired up and ready for some juicy chicken, steak, and/or corn on the cobb! Meanwhile, the kids are running around as we try to take pictures of them. Though we were trying to wear them out, they actually wore us out!

5:30 – The kids have worked up an appetite and are POOPED! They sit down to dinner as we get the rest of ours dished out. On Saturday we ate grilled chicken, roasted brussel sprouts, & steamed artichoke.

6:15 – Get the kids ready and put them down for bed.

6:45 – Hopefully the kids are asleep. Spend the rest of the night on the back porch playing board games (nerds) and chatting.

8:30 – I’m a grandma, so I usually start my bedtime routine around now. Ideally that gets me to sleep by 9:30 or 10 so I can get started before the rest of the clan is up tomorrow!

unnamed-3As you can see, we got in A TON of family time, and I was able to get in some quick workouts for MY pleasure. We went out for pizza last night, and I enjoyed a pizza with tons of veggies. We also had some walks down by the beach, took a drive to check out some other areas, and checked out a local brewery. I tried to stay hydrated and focused on getting in veggies each time we went out to eat. I like to focus on the vitamins I am adding to my body versus what is “good” or “bad” for me.

This is balance for me. We were able to cook for many of our meals, so we made sure they were balanced and chock full of vitamins. We also went out a few times, and I made sure to enjoy myself without making myself sick. In fact, last night when we went out for pizza, I did eat past comfort and it was a good reminder of why I prefer not to do that. You know what I did after? Nothing. I drank water, went on with my night like normal, and just ate again when I was hungry today. I didn’t obsess. I didn’t beat myself up. I just moved on. This is my hope for you. When you travel, when you go out to eat, or when you do something outside your comfort zone. Find true balance. Don’t make yourself sick. Don’t obsess. Just enjoy yourself!

Here are the two versions of banana pancakes we made this weekend:

unnamed-2Chocolate Pancakes

Mix until creamy and cook on heated skillet over medium high heat. I like it best with coconut oil to grease the pan.

Peanut Butter Pancakes

  • 2 Eggs
  • 2 Bananas, mashed
  • 2 Tablespoons peanut butter

Mix until creamy and cook on heated skillet over medium high heat. I like it best with coconut oil to grease the pan.

We love to make extras of these to have throughout the week as snacks or breakfast. Just store in the fridge and reheat when you next want them. They also freeze well!

My workouts looked like this:
  • Saturday – 10 sprints + 3 mile hilly run + 2 burpees
  • Sunday – 3 burpees/rest
  • Monday – 20 Minute FWK Circuit + 3 mile hilly run + 4 burpees
  • Tuesday – 4+ Mile run by the beach + 5 burpees
  • Wednesday – 20 Minute FWK Circuit + 6 burpees

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