Fabletics Review


I am a Target girl all the way. I always buy my workout clothes at Target, especially running shorts. I decided to branch out and try Fabletics. When I initially wrote this I was under the impression that I would gain nothing from anyone purchasing from them, I just wanted to tell you all what I thought of the pieces: I bought two sports bras, a pair of capris, and a top. I did receive this link though and I am not sure if it gives you more of a discount than you would have already received for being a new member, but it might.

ANYHOW, the clothes. I traveled in the capris and long sports bra (+ a tank and sweatshirt) for over eight hours and it was SO comfortable. The capris were like butter. I do have other workout capris I like traveling in, but they usually aren’t super practical for working out. They ride down and I cannot do any jumping motions without having to pull them up every four seconds. These capris are super comfy, I can jump and run in them (I ran a mile, did sprints, and burpees) without them falling down, AND they are flattering.

unnamed-3I purchased this elongated sports bra because I always end up taking off my shirt two minutes into a workout, and I wanted to have a little more coverage while still being able to be cool and comfortable. Plus it is just super fun! I love the design, it’s comfortable to workout in, and it stays in place so I don’t have to fuss with it.

I also got this neon yellow sports bra with a super cute back and a tank to wear with it. I am a function over fashion gal, so I usually go for a piece that is more functional than fashionable. These two are actually cute but they are good for working out too, staying in place and not needing to be fussed over.

I ended up going crazy and signing up for their VIP program. I am not usually impulsive, but it seemed worth it. Again, I am just reporting my experience. How I understand the VIP program, your first outfit is only $25. Shipping on your first VIP order is free, and shipping on anything over $50 is free. Once you enroll, they send you outfit recommendations the first of each month. You can purchase or SKIP between the first and the fifth of the month. You can skip as many times in a row as you want. If you forget/choose not to skip, your card will be charged $50 BUT you can use it as store credit. You also get discounted prices, and up to 50% off regular prices. You also get 2 points for every dollar spent, and 20 points for each review you do of your purchased products. You can use redeem your points on articles of clothing. I just purchased more clothing this month, so I cannot comment on how difficult it is to skip. So far though, I really love the clothes and the company! Have you heard of Fabletics or ever tried their clothes? I would love to hear your experience!

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