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We all hit that point where we’ve been working out and we simply lose motivation.  Part of the lack of motivation may require a change in your workout regimen.  Another factor may be what your driving forces are, or your reasoning for eating healthy and exercising regularly.  Did you originally begin exercise because you wanted to feel skinny, or did you start for the health benefits?  If it’s the former, that mentality usually does not drive a person past their fourth week.  The National Academy of Sports Medicine put together a list of the benefits of cardiorespiratory exercise.  Here is that list to remind you why following a healthy lifestyle is a great choice and to give you an extra boost of motivation:

  • Stronger and more efficient heart rate
  • Improved ability to pump blood (enhanced cardiac output)
  • Reduced risk of heart disease
  • Lower resting heart rate
  • Lower heart rate at any given level of work
  • Improvement of lung ventilation (more efficient breathing)
  • Stronger respiratory muscles
  • Thicker articular cartilage and bones with weight-bearing aerobic exercises
  • Improved oxygen transport
  • Reduced cholesterol levels
  • Reduced arterial blood pressure
  • Improved blood thinning and reduced risk of clot formation
  • Improved fuel supply (improved ability to use fatty acids, sparing muscle glycogen stores)
  • Improved ability of muscles to use oxygen
  • Improvement in mental alertness
  • Reduced tendency for depression and anxiety
  • Improved ability to relax and sleep
  • Improved tolerance to stress
  • Increase in lean body mass
  • Increase in metabolic rate
  • Reduced risk of obesity or diabetes mellitus

Personally, I find the bottom of the list extremely enticing.  Better sleep, higher tolerance to stress, and improved mental alertness?  Yes please!  Whatever your reason for working out and eating healthy, remember to do everything in moderation.  It is important to partake in cardiorespiratory exercise for at least 30 minutes most days of the week; however, too much exercise each day can lead to over training, which breaks down your muscles, bones, and joints.  Treat your body right with the correct amount of exercise paired with adequate nutrition and your body will become the size it’s built to be.

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