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I knew Beverly as friend long before we began training together. Before we started training, she attended the free boot camp class I held, and we did a few workouts together “just for fun.” I remember one of the first workouts we did together was a circuit that included lunges with lateral raises. It was at the beginning of the summer and part of the way through the first set she became dizzy. She sat down, drank some water, and regained her composure.

Beverly began as my client in October, with the goal of becoming stronger. We started slowly, doing low reps and really focusing on form. Her form improved quickly, especially with squats, allowing us to move up to higher reps and higher weights. Just this weekend Bev did 50 squats in a set, ten times the amount we did on our first session!

Bev’s personality is awesome, because she is either bouncing off the walls excited, or completely disconnected from her surroundings. Whether she has had a draining day, or exciting day, she gives her workouts 110%. Half the time she notices when her form is off and does an extra rep to make up for it, without me even saying anything. On the days I can tell she is particularly frustrated, I pull out the boxing gloves and encourage her to pummel away! Since some of our workouts are done at the school where she works, her students have complimented her on being “so bad ass” when they see her boxing.



In the six months that we have been training Bev has made tremendous strides. Her confidence in her ability to complete exercises has increased significantly. As time has progressed, she has become more dedicated to her health, including doing the “homework” I give her, and preparing her meals ahead of time for her hectic schedule. She notices the difference in her energy and confidence on the weeks she puts in the extra effort to eat in a way that fuels her body. Moreover, her strength and balance have increased significantly, as has her range of motion. As her strength has grown, her confidence has grown, which has in turn helped her to try more difficult exercises, which help make her stronger. It’s a fun cycle! Here are a few things she had to say about her time training with me:


For what reason did you begin training?  

I knew that I was only using my body to get from point A to point B. If I wanted to do anything fun or exciting, I knew my body wouldn’t be able to keep up.

When you began training, what were your goals?  What did you want to get out of training?

I began training in order to gain muscle and to be able to use my body for fun physical activities that I enjoy.

What have been some of your biggest obstacles in reaching your goals?

My biggest obstacle has been finding the motivation necessary to do meal prep for the week and to do my “homework”, workouts that Kristen gave me to complete over the weekends.

Have your goals changed since you began training?

I’ve definitely noticed that I care more about what I am eating, so new goals have been added. I choose healthier options and love how it makes me feel.

What has been your greatest health/fitness accomplishment in your journey?

The most amazing accomplishment was running a mile in my best time yet. I don’t run regularly, like once a month if that. Ever since grade school, I’ve hated running, mainly due to exercise-induced asthma. Every mile would end with me walking while hyperventilating and crying (which exacerbate each other). Thus, I haven’t been inclined to do many physical activities. This past month, I ran a mile for fun, and it was awesome. I could feel my body working for me and my breathing was controlled. It was a great benefit of working so hard with Kristen.

Has working out/training changed your attitude in other parts of your life?  If so, how?

I do feel more confident about myself. I make the effort towear outfits instead of just throwing on clothes. Also, I don’t hesitate to do more fun, physical activities.

What is your favorite healthy recipe?

My favorite healthy recipe is simple vegetables with seasoned, grilled chicken. My husband has become a grilling-god with grilling some tasty, juicy chicken. And, of course, a sweet potato at any time of the day.



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